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  • Fits 2 x Thermo
  • MOLLE Backing
  • Suitable For BFGs

    An ideal MOLLE compatible Airsoft pouch for holding double thermo grenades or smoke screening grenades as pictured. 

    • 11x5x5cm
    • Elasticated
    • MOLLE Compatible

    An elasticated Grenade Pouch which can be stretched wide to fit many sizes of Grenades and other vital pieces of equipment. An adjustable toggle allows you to adjust the amount of tension on the outside of the Pouch, so that you can have it super-loose or gripping your Grenade so hard it nearly detonates. The Pouch is MOLLE compatible and is mounted to compatible systems using the flap on the rear, whilst an elastic retainer holds the contents of the pouch secure.

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Double 40mm Pouch
    • Velcro & Stud Retention

    A Velcro and stud-button secured double 40mm pouch which can carry two 40mm grenades, and mounts onto MOLLE compatible platforms.

    • Velcro Sealed Pouches
    • Holds 3x 40mm Shells
    • MOLLE Compatible

    A pouch designed to carry up to 3 40mm MOSCARTs or grenades, this MOLLE compatible pouch allows Airsofters easy access to their grenades at all times. 

    The pouches themselves are secured using Velcro keeping your grenades snug and secure. An essential purchase for the Airsofter with a fondness for pyrotechnics and loud bangs.

    • For 420 Plate Carrier
    • Fits Hydration Bladder
    • Horizontal Grenade Pouches

    The EMERSONGEAR Modular Detachable Back Panel is designed for the 420 Plate Carrier, and will replace the rear MOLLE Panel on the back of the Rig to provide more storage. The Pouch features a moderately sized Backpack, ideal for Hydration Bladders, as well as a medium sized Zipped Pocket and four Grenade Pouches, mounted horizontally for easy reach. If you own an EMERSONGEAR 420 Plate Carrier and want to enhance it's carrying capability in style, then the Modular Back Panel is an absolute must.

    About Our Airsoft Grenade Pouches

    Keep your grenades close at hand with our airsoft grenade pouches. 

    Spot a nearby enemy bunker or feel your opponents advancing too fast? You want your grenades nearby. Our grenade pouches give you easy access to the goods and are typically MOLLE compatible. 

    Coming in camo-friendly colours only, we know that concealment in key. You’ll find a number of different sizes in our grenade pouch collection too. So whether you’re keeping an emergency explosive by your side or seriously stocking up to strike fear into your enemies, you’ll find the grenade pouch you’re looking for. 

    Found your ideal grenade pouch but need something to fill it with now? No problem. We’ve got plenty of projectile grenades and audible grenades, so you can take your pick. We even have launchers, if that’s what you’re after. If it’s more pouches you’re looking for, we also stock dump pouches, mag pouches and more.

    Shop our grenade pouches online today and enjoy next day delivery or come visit us at our Huddersfield store.