SRC M4/AR15 Pistol Magazine Adapter for SR4 ST Falcon Magazines

Code: SM4-130
  • For SRC SR4 ST Falcon Magazines
  • Fits most M4/AR15 AEG
  • PCC look and back in seconds!

If you are considering getting a 9mm style AR but you aren't sure if you'll like it, take a look at the M4/AR15 Pistol Magazine Adapter from SRC. The adapter allows most M4/AR15 AEGs to use the pistol style magazines for the SR4 ST Falcon AEG, changing the look of your setup completely! This change is not permanent, however, as the adapter simply locks into the AR15 magazine release, and can be attached or removed as quickly as changing mags!

Full description


The M4/AR15 Pistol Magazine adapter is constructed from high-density fibre reinforced polymer, and is easily added to any compatible M4/AR15 AEG by simply pushing it into the magazine well, as you would with any normal magazine(for compatibility, see "Special Instructions"). The adapter locks into your M4/AR15 using the rifles magazine release and provides its own built-in ambidextrous paddle-style magazine release with deep serrations to ensure your finger doesn't slip off the release at a critical moment.


  • Rock the PCC look with your M4
  • High-density fibre reinforced polymer build
  • Built-in ambidextrous magazine release
  • Super quick installation
  • Easy to swap back in forth

Package Includes

  • SRC M4/AR15 Pistol Magazine Adapter for SR4 ST Falcon Magazines

Special Instructions


This adapter is quite recent to the market, and as of this moment, we have not had the opportunity to test compatibility in all the M4/AR15 AEG rifles we sell. From our initial tests, we have found that the adapter does not fit in Specna Arms EDGE replicas, Evolution Airsoft M Series AEGs, and ICS CXP rifles. The adapter does fit in G&G CM16 series replicas, SRC SR4 replicas, and CYMA CM.5xx and CM.6xx M4/AR15 AEGs. If you are in doubt as to whether or not this adapter will fit in your AEG, contact our customer services team at



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