Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Outer Barrel for TM Hi-Capa 4.3 GBB Pistols

Airsoft Masterpiece
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  • Steel construction
  • For TM Hi-capa 4.3 GBB and clones
  • .45 ACP engraved into the chamber area

For those looking for a more realistic handling experience from their Hi-capa 4.3, Airsoft Masterpiece has come through again, this time with a steel outer barrel complete with 11mm CW female threads! This outer barrel is constructed entirely from steel, and is immaculately finished down to each dummy locking ridge and the .45 ACP engraving on the chamber. Adding a steel barrel can alter your pistols handling characteristics considerably, raising the point of balance and making it feel more like a real firearm.

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The Airsoft Masterpiece steel outer barrel is designed for the TM Hi-capa 4.3 and its clones and provides a heavy and robust barrel with .45 ACP engraved into the chamber area, denoting the calibre of the real pistol. At the tip of the barrel we can find female 11mm CW threads, meaning with an Airsoft Masterpiece thread adapter, or a WE pistol thread adapter you can mount a 14mm CCW compatible tracer unit, suppressor or muzzle device of your choice.

This barrel is perfectly machined thanks to the CNC process used in its manufacture and features mock locking ridges machined into the top of the barrel for added realism. Adding this barrel to your Hi-capa 4.3 will give it a totally different feel, and bring the weight of the pistol more into line with a real firearm. The steel construction and precise machining mean this outer barrel will never wear out, and there is no possibility of damaging the threads accidentally.


  • CNC machined steel construction
  • Robust, hard wearing finish
  • 11mm CW female threads
  • .45 ACP engraved into the chamber
  • Realistic mock locking ridges
  • For TM Hi-capa and clones - 4.3 only

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  • Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Outer Barrel for TM Hi-capa 4.3



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Outer Barrel
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Metal outer barrel


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Approx. 0.089kg

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CW (Clockwise)
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