Novritsch MOLLE Dump Pouch

  • MOLLE Collapsable dump pouch
  • Available in several different colour options
  • Fits a wide variety of magazines and other kit
If you want to meet the man behind the Novritsch YouTube channel and the fantastic Novritsch Airsoft gun range, now is your chance! See our blog for more information.

If you are sick of fumbling with your mags after a reload and you don't want to throw them on the ground, get yourself a dump pouch! The Novritsch MOLLE Dump Pouch is designed to be a handy place to ditch your spare magazines when reloading in a hurry, saving them from damage and shaving off precious seconds from your offline time so you can get back to shooting much faster.

Dump pouches are designed to provide a place to ditch items such as empty magazines, BB bottles, gas bottles and other kit when you need to free up your hands quickly and avoid fiddling with tightly fitting pouches. The Novrtisch MOLLE Dump Pouch also has a nifty trick up its sleeve; the self-opening mechanism which springs the pouch open as soon as the Velcro retainer is opened. This provides faster access to your dump pouch than ever before and as such, speeds up your reloads!

This dump pouch mounts to MOLLE webbing, meaning you can mount it to your MOLLE plate carrier, tactical vest or belt at a position to suit you. To deploy the dump pouch, simply lift the front flap and it will open itself, ready to gobble up your empty mags. The front flap also has a glove-friendly extension so you never struggle to find it while the plastic is flying. The Novrtisch MOLLE Dump Pouch is a significant step up from older designs and if you want the best for your kit, this is the way to go!

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  • MOLLE Dump pouch - Use it to dump empty mags etc.
  • Collapsable design - 28x29cm when opened, only 12x10x6cm when stowed
  • Self-opening mechanism - Internal wires help assist in opening
  • Retained via Velcro - Easy to access when the adrenaline is pumping
  • Mounts to MOLLE webbing - Fit it to your plate carrier, belt or backpack
  • Available in a wide variety of colour options - Suitable for almost any loadout
  • Need help with MOLLE? Check out our MOLLE Mounting Guide

Package Includes

  • Novritsch MOLLE Dump Pouch



Tactical Equipment Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
Blue, Green, Purple,
Icon - V-Cam Multicam
Material Icon
Product Height
Approx. 28cm
Product Length
Approx. 29cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.133kg

Pouch Specific

Pouch Type
Attachment Method
Securing Feature
Velcro, Retention,