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  • Open Sides
  • MOLLE Pouch
  • For Personal Radio

A lightweight MOLLE compatible radio pouch to attach onto tactical gear like chest rigs, vests or belts, designed to allow you to carry a personal radio into Airsoft Skirmishes. 

  • Ideal For Radio
  • Elastic Secured
  • Velcro Mounted

A velcro-mounted underwing pouch which is designed to sit in the gaps of a plate carrier, where the plate stops protecting your sides, and hold a radio or other important kit.

  • Utility Pouch
  • Velcro / Elastic
  • MOLLE Compatible

A 600D Polyester pouch for MOLLE compatible systems, which will hold anything from Magazines and Radios, to Grenades, Drinks and BB Bottles. It is secured by a Velcro flap, but also has an Elastic retainer inside to hold the contents still. The front of the pouch features a large Velcro panel for the addition of Patches, Rank/Name Slides etc. The bottom of the pouch has a drainage eyelet to drain excess fluid from the pouch if you get caught in heavy rain, or spill a drink inside.

  • Dual Purpose Pouch
  • Fits Radio / GPS Units
  • Elasticated Shell Holder

A highly practical MOLLE compatible pouch that does two jobs in one, allowing you to save vital space on your chest rig by carrying your radio unit and three shotgun shells.

  • Side Elastic Loops
  • Large Radio Pouch
  • MOLLE Compatible

    A large MOLLE pouch designed to be attach to MOLLE compatible vests, rigs and bags to allow you to carry larger sized radios such as the RC-152 or PRC-148 units.

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Size Adjustable Straps
    • Securely Contain Radio

    A versatile MOLLE compatible pouch, designed to store GPS units and radio systems, and is adjustable via a top elastic tension adjuster. 

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Pouch For Large Radios
    • Unobtrusive & Low Profile

    MOLLE compatable radio pouch designed to hold large radios, in particular the PRC-148. The pouch is constructed from heavy duty and durable 500D Nylon, capable of safely carrying your radio throughout your Airsoft skirmishes.

    • MOLLE Fitting
    • Incredibly Compact
    • Lightweight & Durable

    If you are looking for an incredibly compact pouch for small storage, lightweight and durable then look no further. Complete your Black Multicam loadout today with this easy to attach double strapped MOLLE backing pouch.