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From £69.99
  • Flip Out Foregrip
  • Collapsable Stock
  • Polymer Construction

A compact and lightweight submachine gun, perfect for CQB sites or as an introductory weapon.

From £109.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Ambidextrous
  • Railed Handguard

An Airsoft 6mm Electric AEG Replica based off the design of the UMP .45 Submachine Gun used by Security Forces around the world. The weapon is constructed mostly of Polymer, just like the real thing, and features a Polymer Stock, Handguard Grip and Magazine, with Alloy Internals, Outer Barrel, Rails and Trigger.

From £129.99
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Accurate Replica MP40
  • Imitation Bakelite Plastic

AGM - MP-007 MP40 AEG Airsoft SMG - Bakelite brings one of the early Twentieth Century's most Iconic and Infamous Machine Pistols onto the 6mm BB Airsoft Market.

From £149.99
  • Tactical Variant
  • Foregrip / Rail Inc.
  • 20mm Railed Handguard

The tactical option for MP5 lovers far and wide; whether you want to attach the included foregrip or your own optics, torches, lasers this Airsoft 6mm electric powered replica has you covered.

From £159.99
  • 6.08mm Inner Barrel
  • Solid Feel and Construction
  • Battery Compartment in Handguard

A 6mm BB airport electric gun replica of the iconic MP5A3, HK's infamous Sub Machinegun, famous for its use by countless Special Forces, Counter Terrorism units and specialist Police groups. 

  • Alloy Receiver
  • M1A1 Military Model
  • Faux Wood Furniture

The Thompson M1A1 Airsoft electric gun is perfect for reenactors and skirmishers alike, with a realistic look and feel the Airsoft submachine gun is the perfect choice for any World War 2/Vietnam skirmisher.

From £174.99
  • Compact CQB Weapon
  • Rails for Sights and Accessories
  • High Capacity M4 Magazine Adaptor

An Airsoft 6mm Airsoft AEG replica designed to look like the FN P90, produced by FN Herstal in Belgium, supplied with an adaptor to allow the use of m4 magazines including the provided STANAG highcap.

From £189.99
  • MLOK Rail
  • GOS V5 Stock
  • 9mm Receiver

The first Airsoft replica of an AR-9, the real-steel AR rifle receiver chambered in 9mm ammunition. The ARP-9 is ready to use straight from the box, no need for additional conversion kits.  

From £199.99
  • Full Auto Only
  • Electronic Trigger
  • Electric Blowback

Based off the real world M3 / M3A1 Submachine gun, also known as the 'Grease Gun', this is a high quality replica of an iconic historical weapon.

From £224.99
  • MLOK Rail
  • GOS V5 Stock
  • 9mm Receiver

The first Airsoft replica of an AR-9, the real-steel AR rifle receiver chambered in 9mm ammunition. The ARP-9 is ready to use straight from the box, no need for additional conversion kits.  

From £239.95
  • Folding Stock
  • Excellent CQB Weapon
  • Ambidextrous selector

A high end UMP 45 at a great price. An absolute pleasure to hold in your hands and stands out by a mile from cheaper models by far.

From £249.99
  • Electric Blowback
  • Railed Handguard
  • Reinforced Polymers

A compact electric blowback submachine gun replica of the spiritual successor to the MP5,  the H&K UMP, used by various agencies around the world such as US Customs & Border Protection.

From £249.99
  • AR Pistol Receiver
  • Fixed Position Stock
  • ARES Realism Motor

Ever wanted a rifle pistol based on the AR Platform, but which is classed as a pistol by the National Firearms Act in America? Though not an issue for Airsoft ARES have developed their own version of the AR-15 Pistol with a forearm stabilizer for those who love the look.

From £259.99
Was £289.99
Save £30.00
  • Folding Stock
  • High Quality Build
  • Pneumatic Blowback

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun based on the MP5, a special variant of the MP5 with a built in railed hand guard, and is part of G&G's GT Advanced TGM Series of MP5. The weapon is constructed with an Alloy upper receiver, barrel and internals, with Polymer lower receiver, handguard, and stock and features a Pneumatic Blowback System which uses excess air for the cycling of the weapon to simulate the bolt moving inside the gun.

    From £264.99
    • MP5A4 Replica
    • Fixed Solid Stock
    • Pneumatic Blowback System

    A 6mm BB Pneumatic Blowback Airsoft Gun replica, based on H&K's legendary and iconic MP5 series of Submachine guns. Instantly recognisable from it's use by countless Special Forces around the world, the MP5 rose to fame in 1980 during it's use in Operation Nimrod by the SAS.

    From £379.99
    • Steel Gears
    • Mechanical Recoil
    • Amazing Build Quality

    A seriously chunky and weighted Airsoft replica of the world's favourite 9mm submachine gun (in its A5 format with sliding stock), complete with the jaw-shattering Bolt Recoil Shock System to give a realistic action when firing.

    From £379.99
    • Rear Wired
    • Steel Gears
    • Strong Recoil

    Always wanted an A4 variant 9mm SMG with amazing exterior build quality, coupled with high-quality internals and a highly realistic mechanical recoil system? Now you can!

    From £379.99
    • Hard Kick/Recoil
    • Heavyweight RIF
    • Railed Handguard

    An electric-powered super-stubby SD6 variant of a very famous 9mm submachine gun, which is built to an amazing standard and comes coupled with the Bolt Recoil Shock System to rattle your brain whilst you fire it, for the most realistic Airsoft experience.

    From £419.99
    • 20mm Rails
    • Realistic Recoil
    • 14mm CCW Thread

    A highly realistic replica of a 9mm favourite, complete with railed handguard, threaded outer barrel, sliding stock and railed receiver adaptor. It also features the B.R.S.S. system for an incredibly strong, mechanically operated recoil. 

    From £419.99
    • Realistic Recoil
    • Integrated Suppressor
    • 20mm Railed Handguard

    An integrally suppressed SD5 replica, which features an amazing exterior and internal build quality, coupled with the Bolt Recoil Shock System for an incredibly strong kick in the shoulder when you're firing it.

    From £419.99
    • Steel Gears
    • Hard Kick/Recoil
    • Integrated Suppressor

    An Airsoft Electric Gun SD6 replica featuring the Bolt Recoil Shock System for an Earth-shattering kick to the shoulder when firing. Have you ever wanted hard-kicking recoil with AEG reliability and performance? This may be just the thing for you.

    From £445.00
    • Sterling Folding Stock
    • Fixed x3.5 Magnified Scope
    • E-11 Blaster Carbine Replica

    An accurate 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun replica of an iconic piece of movie history, an all Alloy constructed replica of the Sterling E-11 Blaster. 

    From £449.95
    • Vector Gen.2 Replica
    • Special Dual Tone Edition
    • Fully licensed KRISS Vector

    Manufactured by KRYTAC this is an Airsoft replica of the world famous KRISS VECTOR. Fully licensed and trademarked this weapon features next level realism, and absolutely looks he part. This variant is the special edition dual tone version, which features both black and tan parts.

    From £599.95
    • Special Edition Certificate
    • Limited Edition Gun Build
    • VECTOR 5'' M-LOK Handguard

    If you thought the original Vector was beautiful, you're in for a treat! This special edition of the Krytac Vector takes the base model and improves it with additional attachments! The most important being the 5'' M-Lok hand-guard which makes this weapon stand well and truly out of the crowd.