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  • Vented Base
  • Screws included
  • Large adjustment screw

An ventilated, alloy constructed replacement base plate for a standard M4 AEG motor base plates in pistol grips. 

  • Easy To Mount
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Internal Hidden Storage

A perfect grip for people with all sized hands. Secures in no time with only one bolt to care about.

  • Spring Core Centre
  • Durable Alloy Body
  • Foam Filled Suppressor

This Airsoft suppressor is designed to be fit onto 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads, and is foam filled to reduce the audible output of the weapon. The suppressor is constructed from Alloy, and features a spring core and foam filling, and is finished with US Navy Seal Branding. 

  • Distinctive Skull Logo
  • 14mm CCW Threads
  • 196mm Long

Constructed from durable alloy and is foam filled to assist in suppressing muzzle sounds. 

  • For EU Series
  • Very Strong Mount
  • 20mm RIS/RAS Rails

A 20mm Railed Mount for EU Series Airsoft Pistols, simply sliding onto the Flashlight/Laser Slot on the underside of the frame, and providing you with both a 20mm Rail for a Sight or Scope, as well as an underside 20mm Rail for a Torch, Laser or other single slot accessory. Unlike other Frame Mounts, this one is push fit with a spring-loaded release button for easy installation and removal.

  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Accurate Trademarks
  • Foam Filled Suppressor

A Mock Suppressor designed to fit on Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Assault Rifles, and is branded to look like it is a Special Forces SOPMOD Supplied Suppressor. 

  • 19.3cm Long
  • Looks Great On M4
  • Fits To Birdcage Flashhider

This alloy suppressor is designed to fit easily onto rifles with an AR birdcage-style flash hider.

  • For Large Scopes
  • High Profile Mounts
  • Quick Release Screws

A pair of raised scope mount rings, designed to fit 20mm RIS / RAS rails on Airsoft and Air Rifles. 

  • 2x Scope Mounts
  • Alloy Construction
  • Low Profile Mounts

Mount your scope lower to your rail and outer barrel for improved accuracy down range. Two mounts per box allows you to hold a scope tube diameter up to 1 inch wide. Tools are also included to aid in assembly and setup.

  • Easy Installation
  • High Profile Mounts
  • For Scopes Up To 30mm

A set of high profile mount rings for scopes up to 30mm wide, which attaches to a 20mm rail and provides a solid platform for you to use your optic.

  • Pair of Rails
  • For AR36 & G3
  • Install Weapon Accessories 

A pair of 20mm RIS Rail sections for AR36C/K and G3 hand guards, designed to screw into place onto the handguards.  

  • Textured Grip
  • Finger Ridge Design
  • For AK47/74 Platform

A replacement pistol grip for AK Platform weapons, such as the AK47 and the AK74. The grip itself is constructed from lightweight polymer.

  • Easy To Fit
  • Raises 1 Inch
  • Quick Release Bolt

A mountable RIS / RAS rail raiser which allows the user to increase the height at which their Sights and attachments sit to bring them to the correct height. 

  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Accurate Markings & Insignia
  • Covers Extended Outer Barrels

An Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to replace an Airsoft gun's flash hider, and featuring an imitation of the US SOCOM special operations forces weapon suppressor. 

  • 20mm RIS Compatible
  • Spring Powered Bipod
  • Press Button To Deploy

A vertical foregrip for 20mm RIS rails with a built-in spring-powered foregrip which will deploy at the press of a button.

  • Alloy construction with steel bolt
  • For 20mm Picatinny rails
  • Riser mount - Raise your optic by 1-inch

Having trouble getting a good view down your red dot sight when wearing full-face protection? A riser mount is what you need! This riser mount attaches to any 20mm Picatinny rail and provides a raised rail section approximately 4cm long, allowing a low-profile micro red dot sight to be far more visible when using facial protection, helmets and other headgear that might get in the way. The use of a riser mount has the added benefit that it gives you a greater ability to acquire your optic when shooting in unconventional positions and helps encourage a more upright and relaxed shooting stance.

  • Bottom Plug
  • Textured Grip
  • Lightweight Design

A lightweight Vertical Fore Grip which can be added to your 20mm RIS / RAS rail to give you an additional control point on your weapon. 

  • Sling stud/20mm Rail mounted
  • Spring-assisted folding
  • Rubber feet

A robustly constructed Bipod for Sniper rifles and DMR rifles, providing 6 position adjustable legs, rubber feet and mounting apparatus for both sling/bipod stud and 20mm Picatinny rails.

All External Parts

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