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  • Modern 1911 Pistol
  • Gas Blowback Build
  • CO2 Upgrades Included

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured by NUPROL designed to replicate the appearance and feel of a modern MEU 1911 pistol.

Was £89.99
Save £10.00
  • Full metal construction
  • Strong GBB recoil with full auto
  • Pre two-tone Blue - No need to wait for paint!

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU G-Series Pistol Range. This variant of the pistol features a semi and fully automatic firing system, allowing you to go all out on the enemy team right when you need it.

    This is the perfect sidearm for any Airsoft player, allowing you to quickly and effectively protect yourself from any threat should your main weapon go down or the enemy engage you in a CQB Environment. This pistol is also very customisable, giving you plenty of aftermarket options when it comes to upgrades and accessories allowing you to make the pistol your own.

    Was £89.99
    Save £10.00
    • Full metal construction
    • 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel
    • Pre Two-Tone finish - No waiting for paint!

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol from NUPROL, this EU-Series RAVEN series EU17 is a semi automatic pistol which runs on green gas for added realism by simulating recoil by adding kick to each shot. The pistol is highly customisable and supports a wide range of aftermarket attachments and upgrades allowing you to make the pistol truly your own.

    If you love the comfort, reliability and compatibility of the EU-Series pistols, and want something that will stand out from the crowd, then the EU17 is a sure choice. This pistol is one of the most cost-effective sidearms you can run in Airsoft!

    From £84.99
    Was £89.99
    Save £5.00
    • Highly Customisable
    • EU Series Magazines
    • Amazing Gas Efficiency

    The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol already has an almost cult following already, and for great reason! This Airsoft Pistol offers incredible performance (especially in cold weather), an absolutely massive backlog of compatible accessories and upgrades, accepts incredibly common EU Series Magazines and is sold at an amazingly competitive price. We may say this a lot, but trust us when we tell you that "you don't want to miss this."

    From £84.99 Pack price
    Normally £94.97
    Save £9.98
    • CYMA M052 Pistol grenade launcher
    • 2 x S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART grenades
    • Big firepower in a small package!

    If you need a big firepower increase but have limited space, the CYMA Pocket Rocket Stand-Alone Launcher Bundle was put together with you in mind! This pack combines the M052 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher with 2 x 120rnd S&T 40mm MOSCART grenades, giving you a compact launcher which can be easily carried and 2 chances to shower the enemy with 120 BBs! If you want a run a launcher next skirmish but don't want to carry around another cumbersome platform or mount a massive n00b tube onto your primary, the M052 is the solution you were looking for. 

    From £89.99

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol, which has been designed and created based off the CZ P-09 Duty and fully licensed by CZ from Czech Republic. The Pistol externally is constructed almost entirely from Polymer, with a Polymer Slide and Frame, but features Alloy Sights and Internals.

    • G-Series Pistol Rail
    • No Defence Required
    • Threaded Outer Barrel

    VORSK are the new kids on the block, and their latest offering is a realistic Gas Blowback Pistol which features a Threaded Outer Barrel, Light Enhancing Iron Sights, Flared Magwell and Extended Magazine for awesome looks, stunning performance, and requiring no defence to own thanks to the Pink finish.

    From £99.99
    • Full metal construction
    • Single shot - 375 FPS +/- 10%
    • 6.03mm Tightbore & TDC HOP-up unit

    If you are fed up with being hassled by snipers beyond your effective range, a compact, high-power shotgun should surprise them! The ST870 Sawn Off from S&T is a near-perfect, 1:1 replica of the real steel M870, one of the most common and iconic pump action shotgun designs of all time. With full metal construction, hefty weight and real wood furniture, if you put this down next to the real thing you would struggle to tell them apart!

    Being a single-shot shotgun hitting out at a painful 375 FPS on a 0.2g BB, this ain't going to be welcome on any CQB site. Instead, we envision this single-shot, high-accuracy shotgun as replicating real steel shotguns shooting slugs; solid, high-caliber projectiles intended for long-range engagements and hunting. The compact size of this, the "Sawn Off" version makes it ideal for slinging on the back and carrying as a secondary, giving you more punch at long range than a standard AEG and a useful counter sniping tool.

    While it may lack sights, the ST870's fast pump action mechanism and high FPS mean it can be fired far more quickly than a sniper rifle and reach out to equivalent ranges. For the talented skirmisher looking for a new experience, the ST870 Sawn Off offers a fast-firing, compact and consistent platform to handle any long-range threat!

    £99.99 Pack price
    Normally £105.46
    Save £5.47
    • RAVEN EU17 Pre Two-tone GBB 
    • 3300 x ASG Blaster 0.25g BBs & Speed Loader
    • NUPROL 2.0 Airsoft Green Gas 300g

    If you are looking for a Gas Blowback Pistol but you're not sure where to start, this bundle was made with you in mind! EU17 Complete Beginner Bundle includes the RAVEN EU17 GBB pistol finished in Pre Two-Tone blue, 3300 ASG Blaster 0.25g BBs, a 100rnd Speed loader and a 300g can of NUPROL 2.0 Airsoft Green Gas; everything you need to get started on your Airsoft adventure (other than your choice of eye protection!). 

    Being finished in Pre Two-Tone means you do not need UKARA or a VCRA defence to buy this set and you don't need to wait for the two-tone paint service either, you can order now and avoid the wait! Whether you are looking for a last minute Airsoft gift or you want to get started with an Airsoft sidearm and everything you need to get shooting, this bundle will serve you well!

    From £107.99
    Was £119.99
    Save £12.00
    • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel
    • High density polymer construction
    • Spenca's featherweight AR-9 offering

    If your primary weighs a ton and you are looking for a lightweight alternative, the Specna Arms SA-FX01 is the ideal choice. This AR-9 style AEG is constructed from Spenca's fantastic high density polymer and is rocking the same internals as the established FLEX™ series, allowing it to tip the scales at a minuscule 1.8kg without compromising on in game performance or aesthetics.

    The SA-FX01 is equipped with an M-LOK handguard featuring QD sling sockets straight out of the box, giving you a modern front end with wide accessory compatibility and a slick, cutting-edge look. The receiver is patterned after real steel "billet" AR receivers, blending perfectly with the M-LOK handguard while offering plenty of space to easily mount a scope or red dot sight for better effect on target. On the inside, things are equally impressive. A 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel provides the accuracy needed to send the enemy back to respawn, and a modern rotary HOP-up unit allows you to extend your range and tune for different ammo weights.

    Whether you are fresh to Airsoft skirmishing or a veteran looking for a lightweight primary weapon option for enhanced mobility, the SA-FX01 brings full-fat AEG performance to the table with only slightly more mass than a beachball!

    From £109.99
    Was £119.99
    Save £10.00
    • Full metal construction
    • Functional De-cocking lever
    • 20mm frame rail and 12mm female threaded barrel

    If you are eyeing up a new sidearm but aren't up for the more common Hi-capa and EU series perhaps a classic Italian designed pistol would suit your tastes? Introducing the Raven R9 GBB, Raven's entry into the B9 series of Airsoft pistols. The real B9 was most famously issued to the US Army in the 1980s, replacing the venerable M1911.

    • Modern 1911 Pistol
    • Gas Blowback Build
    • CO2 Upgrades Included

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured by NUPROL designed to replicate the appearance and feel of a modern MEU 1911 pistol.

    From £119.99
    • Full metal construction
    • Polymer or Real wood variants
    • 6.02mm Tightbore inner barrel 

    If sniping is your skirmish role and you want something that isn't an L96 or VSR platform as your primary, the AGM Dragunov SVD will give you the unique rifle you need! This Dragunov SVD replica is a single-shot straight pull bolt action, meaning it falls within the same rules as a standard sniper rifle but with the uniquely iconic look of the bad guy sniper rifle. With full metal on the outside and your choice of high-density polymer or stunning real wood furniture, from a looks standpoint, this SVD ticks all the boxes!

    On the inside, we are treated to a 6.02mm tightbore inner barrel measuring a whopping 600mm in overall length, meaning superb accuracy and range potential, if you do your part. The main spring puts out approximately 385 FPS +/- 10% on a 0.2g BB but if you need more, this is easily done thanks to the SVD's compatibility with standard AEG main springs. The HOP-up unit is of the much-lauded TDC design, adjusting via a grub screw with direct pressure applied to the HOP-up rubber for less side-to-side deviation and a stronger overall HOP-up effect. As an affordable way to dip your toes into the world of Airsoft sniping or as the base gun for a beast of a build, the AGM Dragunov SVD is a great choice!

    From £125.99 Pack price
    Normally £139.95
    Save £13.96
    • Double Eagle M52 Sniper Rifle
    • Spare mag, 4x32 Scope, 0.28G BBs & Hard Case
    • Your first taste of Airsoft sniping!

    If you want to sample Airsoft sniping without getting in too deep, this bundle is for you! The M52 Sniper Rifle Bundle includes the Double Eagle M52 spring bolt action sniper rifle, a spare 27-round M52 magazine, an ASG Strike Systems 4x32 Riflescope with scope rings, 3300 ASG 0.28g BBs and an Evolution hard case to keep everything tidy. 

    The M52 is a great platform as a first sniper rifle and is ideal for new skirmishers with less physical strength, being an ultra-light build with an easy and smooth bolt pull. ASG's Strike Systems 4x32 scope is its ideal companion, offering enough magnification for long-range spotting and engagement without being overly bulky or heavy. Having a spare magazine will keep you in the fight for longer, and Evolution's hard case will keep the setup protected during storage and transportation to and from a skirmish site. 

    If you have your sights set on becoming an Airsoft sniper but you don't want to sink loads of money in before sampling the playstyle, the M52 Sniper Rifle Bundle is an affordable way to get your eye in before taking the plunge on a far more expensive platform!

    Was £139.99
    Save £10.00
    • Gas Blowback Pistol
    • Pre Two-Toned
    • Red Dot Sight

    An evolution of the RAVEN HI-CAPA, a 6mm BB Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, which has been heavily modified to turn a relatively small pistol into an absolute beast of an Airsoft Gun. The Dragon 7 takes the existing hi-capa and ramps it up with an added compensator, extended lower rail, as well as an extended inner and outer barrel, making the pistol a sight to behold.

    This particular version of the Dragon 7 comes with a Red Dot Sight and Rail mount, giving you a tactical edge in CQB by allowing you to aim your replica quicker and more accurately than those using iron sights.

    This pistol is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who love to play in style, gone are the days of fitting in with the crowd, show the enemy team you mean business with a pistol which fires as mean as it looks.

    From £129.99
    • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel
    • 14mm CCW Male threaded barrel - Ready for a tracer
    • Built-in rail riser - Great for full face protection users

    If you are looking for a lightweight, player-focused M4 platform, the LT-02C from Lancer Tactical is exactly that. Based on the real steel M4A1 Carbine but configured for close quarters, the LT-02C is rocking a 10.5-inch outer barrel, ideal for both CQB and outdoor skirmishes.

    The LT-02C is constructed primarily from high density polymer, meaning it is considerably faster to point than a full metal equivalent and more scratch-resistant. Inside, you will find a respectable complement of pre-upgraded internals, including a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, a rotary HOP-up unit, low-resistance wiring and a reinforced version 2 gearbox with full Tokyo Marui compatibility. Whether you are fresh to the sport or an experienced player looking for a lightweight and reliable backup, the LT-02C will serve you well!

    From £139.99
    • Based on the Resident Evil pistol 
    • Gas blowback recoil
    • Double action

    Straight out the insanely popular video games series Resident Evil, this pistol makes sure you're ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse (or zombie themed skirmish).

    With full metal construction and flashy silver slide, the Biohazard comes with a whole host of features including an aggressive muzzle device, front Picatinny rail, de-cocker and extended mag.

    Zombies or no zombies, this pistol will leave the competition dead and buried.

    From £139.99
    • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel
    • 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel - Tracer ready
    • Mock KeyMod handguard with pre-installed rails

    If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to your full metal primary but still want the elite looks, the Lancer Tactical LT-12K should suit you! This M4 AEG has been treated to a bit of a style-up in the form of a modernised receiver shape, ergonomic "Tango Down" style pistol grip and mock KeyMod handguard, giving it the custom aesthetic straight out of the box!

    Inside, the LT-12K boasts the usual pre-upgraded internal parts present in Lancer Tacitcal's Gen.2 AEG series. The inner barrel is a tightbore 6.03mm example, promising superb accuracy potential and a slight raise in FPS from the same spring. The wiring is low-resistance wiring throughout, improving trigger response and rate of fire and the latest HOP-up design for the M4, known as the rotary HOP-up is present, offering improved ability to hold its setting in the long term and finer increments of adjustment so you can tune to perfection.

    Whether this is your first foray into the world of Airsoft or you are an experienced player looking for a lightweight backup with fantastic handling for later in the skirmish day, the LT-12K is a perfect fit.

    From £147.99 Pack price
    Normally £183.95
    Save £35.96
    • Specna Arms SA-FX01 FLEX™ AR-9 SMG AEG
    • Big Dragon Blackwater Suppressor, 7.4V LiPo, charger & 0.25g BBs
    • Get stuck in with a sneaky primary!

    If your playstyle prioritises stealth and mobility, this is the bundle for you! The Sandy Sneak Beginner Bundle pairs the Specna Arms SA-FX01 FLEX™ AR-9 with the Big Dragon Blackwater suppressor in desert bronze, a 7.4V 1450mAh 30C Stock Tube LiPo Battery and LiPo charger from NUPROL and 3300 ASG Q-Blaster 0.25g BBs, giving you everything you need to get stuck in bar your choice of eye protection

    The SA-FX01 represents previously unheard-of value for money, boasting far more than its fair share of pre-upgraded parts, a slick and modern M-LOK handguard and the Specna Arms Light Ops Stock in the increasingly popular AR-9 shape. Installing the Blackwater Suppressor is as simple as unscrewing the pre-installed birdcage flash hider and screwing the suppressor on in its place. 

    The Sandy Sneak bundle will equip you well for both indoor and outdoor skirmishing, but if you need a couple of spare mags, check them out here!

    From £149.99
    • Full metal construction
    • 14mm CCW Male threaded barrel
    • Version 6 gearbox - Alloy shell, steel gears

    Whether you are a sniper looking for a compact AEG backup or want something short and light to take advantage of your agility, the Cybergun P90 is perfect for the job. This AEG boasts full metal construction, realistic trademarks licenced by FN Herstal itself and ambidextrous controls, perfect for left-handed shooters or those who like to shoot from both shoulders to make the best use of cover.

    The internals are based around the TM P90 design, meaning a version 6 gearbox, rotary HOP-up unit and full compatibility with aftermarket upgrades for the TM P90. Also fitted are a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel for an improvement in accuracy potential and 8mm bushings for a smoother gearbox report and a slight increase in rate of fire. If you like to move fast and crawl in the woods, the P90 is your best friend!

    • Electrostatic Finish
    • No Defence Required
    • Full Metal Construction

    The RAVEN R226 is a Full Metal Airsoft Pistol which is powered by Gas and provides a realistic recoil with each pull of the Trigger. The Pistol features an Electrostatic Finish which provides a durable coating that looks and feels amazing. Coupled with excellent Gas Efficiency, as well as a Threaded Barrel and 20mm Pistol Rail, this is a great choice for new players and seasoned pros alike.

    This version of the Pistol is supplied with a Pre-Two Tone Blue Slide, meaning that anyone over 18 can order it without waiting for us to paint one, no defence required.

    From £149.99
    • Full metal construction
    • Real-world accurate MP40 replica
    • Steel upper receiver - Realistic build

    The AGM MP40 AEG brings one of the early Twentieth Century's most iconic and infamous machine pistols onto the Airsoft market. If you are looking for an SMG for WW2 reenactment, you can't beat an MP40, whether you are running a Wehrmacht loadout, resistance fighter or allied loadout, the MP40 has found its way into the hands of many unlikely users as a battlefield pickup weapon and is still used today in conflict zones around the world by various rebel groups.

    AGM's MP40 boasts full metal construction, offering a realistically hefty build to satisfy those who want the most true-to-life experience when skirmishing. Internally, the MP40 makes use of a modified version 3 gearbox, meaning upgraded gears and cylinder groups are a go for performance seekers. Whether you are working on your WW2 loadout or you want an interesting and rarely seen primary for walk-on skirmishes, the AGM MP40 is ideal for the job.

    From £169.99
    • Revolver Grenade Launcher
    • Can fire 6x MOSCARTs in rapid succession
    • The ultimate Airsoft firepower!

    If you need to bring some serious firepower to your next skirmish there are few platforms that can rival a 6-shot revolver grenade launcher! The NUPROL Matrix MGL can carry up to 6 40mm MOSCART grenade shells and unleash their payloads in under a second thanks to its revolver-like design, based on the real steel Milkor M32 MGL.

    The Matrix is similar to other revolver grenade launchers we have seen in the past but with a few notable improvements. The outer barrel of the Matrix is constructed from aluminium and has a threaded tip, meaning more realistic handling, though we don't think there are any suppressors for this monstrously large thread!

    The pistol grip of the original MGL has been replaced with a VFC QRS pistol grip, boasting enhanced ergonomics and crackle texture on each side for improved grip. The stock still mounts to the good old M4/AR-15 buffer tube, but the pre-installed stock on the Matrix is the VFC QRS stock, offering a snag-reducing A-frame style design with QD sling sockets on either side.

    Whether you have vehicles to deal with in an upcoming Milsim skirmish or you simply want to be the badest bunker buster on the field, the NUPROL Matrix MGL will equip you to clear the enemy out of any emplacement like a bad fart clears a room!

    From £175.99 Pack price
    Normally £195.98
    Save £19.99
    • Combat Styled Hi-capa
    • Suppressor height sights and thread adapter
    • Pistol and torch combo

    If you would appreciate the large gas reservoir of a Hi-capa, but shiny race pistols aren't your style, the R504 may be what you have been searching for. The R504 sports Hi-capa parts compatibility and a large magazine, coupled with aggressive military styling, suppressor height sights, a pre-installed thread adapter, and a Red dot sight mount plate included in the box.

    From £179.99
    • G&G Whirl Valve
    • External HOP Adjust
    • Ambidextrous Controls

    A gorgeous and modern Gas Blow Back Pistol which features G&G's Whirl Valve, an external HOP adjust, ambidextrous controls and a tough Polymer construction with lots of beautiful styling.

    From £179.99
    • G&G Whirl Valve
    • External HOP Adjust
    • Ambidextrous Controls

    A gorgeous and modern Gas Blow Back Pistol which features G&G's Whirl Valve, an external HOP adjust, ambidextrous controls and a tough Polymer construction with lots of beautiful styling.

    From £179.99
    • G&G Whirl Valve
    • External HOP Adjust
    • Ambidextrous Controls

    A gorgeous and modern Gas Blow Back Pistol which features G&G's Whirl Valve, an external HOP adjust, ambidextrous controls and a tough Polymer construction with lots of beautiful styling.

    From £179.99
    • AR15-SMG.45 hybrid
    • FALCON EFCS inside
    • Ultra Modern Submachine gun!

    If you have been keeping an eye out for a submachine gun with a modern twist, you can give those peepers a rest, you have found it! Introducing the Double Eagle UTR45, a fresh new SMG with a fresh look, combining the AR15's familiar and comfortable fire controls with SMG.45 style magazines and an advanced multi-position side folding stock. The UTR45 isn't just about those jaw-dropping looks, it also sports the ultra-flexible Double Eagle FALCON fire control system within, together with a 6.1mm "air cushion" inner barrel to provide impressive stability and accuracy.

    From £189.99 Pack price
    Normally £220.97
    Save £30.98
    •  JG M5 Series SD6
    • 1200rnd Drum magazine
    •  3300 x ASG Blaster Devil 0.28g BBs

    If you want to breach a room and hose the enemy down with a torrent of BBs, this is the bundle for you! The Embassy Siege Bundle pairs the JG M5 Series SD6 with a 1200rnd Drum Magazine from NUPROL and 3300 x ASG Blaster Devil 0.28g BBs. If you need a battery and charger for this beast, we recommend a 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo battery with a mini-Tamiya connector and a LiPo balance charger. Lock and load, you will only need to load once running this setup!

    From £199.99 Pack price
    Normally £216.92
    Save £16.93
    • Everything you need to get started
    • M4 AEG, 2x Spare mags, battery, charger, gun bag...
    • Speedloader, 1x35 RD Scope & 4000 BBs!

    If you want to get started with Airsoft but CBA figuring out what you need by yourself, the New Player Bundle is ideal for you! 

    This bundle includes the Specna Arms SA-F01 FLEX™, one of our most popular M4 platforms known for its great performance-to-price ratio, 2 spare adjustable capacity 30/140rnd mid-cap magazines, a 7.4V LIPo battery and LiPo balance charger, a speedloader, a Red Dot Sight and 4000 BBs to get you up and running. 

    The only thing we have left out is eye/face protection as this is often a case of personal preference. We recommend the Empire VFORCE™ Armor Full Face Mask if you want an affordable full-face mask, otherwise, you can check out our eye protection and choose your favourite by clicking here!