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  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Sound/Pressure/Auto
  • For M249 Support Guns

An Electric Box Magazine for M249 Support / Light Machine Guns, that holds a total of 1500rnds and is powered by an included Rechargeable Battery. The Magazine has a variety of options and can be operated using an included Pressure Pad, can be set to wind constantly, and there is also a 'Sound Control' mode. This mode will only wind the Magazine when it can hear the Gun firing, which is the mode you'll most likely end up using. Included in the box is a Rechargeable Battery and Charger. All you need to do is charge the Battery, install it in the Magazine, pour your BBs in and set the winding mode you want to use. Easy as that.

  • Uses 4x AA
  • 2500rnd Mag
  • Battery Powered

A replacement Drum Magazine for the Airsoft MG-42 Support Gun, which is the same as the magazine which comes supplied originally with the weapon. 

  • Electric Winding
  • 1,200rnd Capacity
  • For Airsoft Shotguns

Yes, you read that correctly. This is an Electric Drum Magazine for Airsoft Shotguns, which will fit and work with your Shotgun provided it accepts standard Airsoft Shotgun Shells. Enjoy 1200 rounds of angry white plastic on top, just waiting to find its' target.

  • For AK Platform
  • Take AAA Batteries
  • Automatic Winding

This is an Electric Drum Magazine for AK Platform Airsoft Guns, constructed to a tough standard using high density Polymers. This 1,200rnd Capacity Magazine accepts 3 x AAA Batteries and will constantly wind BBs through the mechanism when the switch is set to 'wind'. 

  • Massive Capacity
  • Convert AK to LMG
  • Automatic Winding

This Drum Magazine is designed for AK Platform Airsoft Guns, and is powered either by the included Rechargeable Battery Pack, or by 4 x AAA Batteries. Holding a massive 3,500rnds with automatic-winding, this is the ideal way to squeeze maximum fire superiority out of your Airsoft Gun.

  • 550Rnd Capacity
  • Wheel Wound Design
  • Tough Alloy Construction

An incredibly imposing drum magazine that holds a whopping 550 rounds, and is constructed from a dense Alloy for a tough and long-lasting finish. Providing the Thompson M1A1 CM.033 with the classic Gangster-Gun aesthetic that we've infamously come to know and love. 

  • Auto Winding
  • Rechargeable
  • For AR Platform

This Drum Magazine is designed for M4/M16/AR Platform Airsoft Guns and is incredibly easy to use, needing no disassembly to get working. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack which can be recharged without removing the battery, and can be filled with BBs by pouring them into the top Fill Window.

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Autowinding Function
  • 1500rnd M249 Box Mag

A High Capacity Box Magazine for A&K Brand Airsoft 6mm BB M249 Light Machinegun, and is designed to a substantial 1500 BBs. Externally, the magazine is based on the small, 50 round boxes used by the M249. 

  • ARES Replacement
  • For M60E4 & M60 MK43
  • 4000 Round High Capacity

An ARES manufactured high capacity box magazine designed for use with ARES M60E4 and M60 MK43 LMGs.

  • Manual winding
  • Massive 2300 round capacity
  • High density Polymer construction

If you are looking for some extra firepower for your M4/AR15 AEG, you have found it with G&Gs drum magazine! With a whopping 2300 round capacity, you will easily have enough BBs on board to keep the entire enemy team's heads down!

  • 2400 Round Box Mag
  • For Classic Army CA249
  • Auto / Momentary Mode

An Electric Box Magazine for the Classic Army CA249 Airsoft Support / Light Machine Gun, that holds a total of 2400rnds and is powered by a 9V Battery ( Not included ) The magazine comes with the additional feed tube adaptor, and the magazine is filled via taking the side panel off and simply pouring the BB's in! No trying to channel the BB's into a tiny space, pour away! once the space is filled pop the side panel back on and press the green button on the base of the mag to initiate the feeding process.

This magazine is specifically designed for the Classic Army CA249 Airsoft LMG series of AEG and it may not work with other brands.

  • 2000rnd Capacity
  • Electric Drum Magazine
  • Battery Powered (3 x AA)

A Full Metal Electric Drum Magazine which holds a total of 2000rnds and automatically winds BBs into your LCT branded RPK, being powered by 3 x AA batteries. If you want to take your RPK to the next level of pain administration, and be a sight to behold on the skirmish field, then the LCT RPK Drum Magazine is the way to go.

  • Auto Winding
  • Easy Fill Window
  • 7.4v LiPo Included

A robust, Alloy constructed Drum Magazine for the G&G branded GMG42 Machine Gun, which holds a total of 1700rnds and automatically feeds BBs into the gun, using an included LiPo battery pack to power the unit.

  • Huge Gas Reservoir
  • Adaptive System
  • 350rnd Capacity

An incredibly high quality Gas Powered Drum Magazine for Armorer Works/WE compatible EU-Series pistols, which offers a stunning 350 BB capacity and more importantly, a big enough gas reservoir to dump the entire magazine!

  • 350rnd Capacity
  • Adaptive System
  • Huge Gas Reservoir

An incredibly high quality Gas Powered Drum Magazine for Armorer Works/WE compatible Hi-Capa pistols, which offers a stunning 350 BB capacity and more importantly, a big enough gas reservoir to dump the entire magazine!

  • 2500rnd Capacity
  • Auto winding - One less thing to do!
  • Rechargeable battery + charger included

This magazine can hold an impressive 2500 rounds, and winds itself! Complete with battery pack and charger, this magazine will allow you to lay down a tidal wave of BBs and keep the enemy at bay! This box mag was designed for the G&G CM16 LMG but can be used in any M4/AR15 platform AEG out there!

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