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  • Moulded Polymer Magazine
  • Modern Styled Design
  • 120 Round Capacity

An Airsoft medium capacity magazine that is ideal for the Airsofter wanting to inject a little more realism into their skirmishing style. Loosely inspired by the design of modern P-Mag type magazines, this is G&Gs attempt at creating a lightweight and uniquely styled magazine for STANAG magazine compatible Airsoft guns.

  • Semi Transparent
  • Fake Bullet Shells
  • 40rnd Capacity

A simple spare additional or replacement magazine for your G&G G2H Airsoft AEG. With a 40rnd real steel capacity limit, yo u can run and gun with zero BB rattle whilst sniping away with your electronic powered AEG.

  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Speedloader Filled
  • Stay in the Fight Longer

A spare or replacement Magazine for the G&G Armament M1 Garand, holding a total of 20rnds and filled using a Speedloader. These lightweight Magazines are easy to carry in bulk, and are an absolute must for an M1 Garand owner who wants to last longer in a skirmish without running out of ammo.

  • 60 Round Mid Cap
  • Made For ARP-9
  • Lightweight

A spare Mid cap magazine designed for the G&G ARP-9 9mm Receiver styled Airsoft M4 replica. Shaped Similar to an extended G-series magazine but hold 60 rounds filled via a a speed loader on the top of the mag. once filled you are ready to go with no winding needed.

  • Elongated Follower
  • For G&G G36 AEGs
  • 110rnd Capacity

A Full Polymer constructed Mid-Cap Magazine for the G&G branded G36 series AEGs. Perfect for those who want to inject more realism into their play-style.

  • For G&G MBR 308
  • 370rnd Capacity
  • Easy to Use

A Polymer constructed High Capacity magazine for the G&G TR16 MBR .308 series of AEGs, which holds a total of 370rnds and is filled by pouring BBs in through the top Fill Window. The winding wheel on the bottom is then turned to feed BBs in to the replica.

  • For G&G UMG
  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Spring Fed Design

A 50rnd Low Capacity Magazine for the G&G UMG Airsoft Electric Gun. Being a Low-Cap design, this Magazine will feed quietly into the Gun until it is empty, unlike High-Cap designs that will rattle with each movement. The Magazine is filled using a Speedloader to force BBs in through the feed tube at the top. If you own a G&G UMG and want to carry more ammunition without giving your position away to the battle-maraca sound of High-Caps, then the G&G Armament 50rnd Low-Cap Magazine For UMG is ideal.

  • Highly Realistic
  • Dummy Rounds
  • Feeds Until Empty

A Polymer magazine for the ARP-9 Airsoft Electric Gun, which holds a total of 60rnds and feeds BBs into the gun via a spring, meaning they feed completely until empty. Not only this, but they have actual dummy rounds (not just stickers) inside to look just like the real deal.

  • Mag Clamp System
  • For G&G G36 AEGs
  • 400rnd Capacity

A  Full polymer constructed High Cap Magazine for the G&G branded G36 series AEGs. Perfect for those who want to spends more time shooting rather than reloading. 

  • Carry More Rounds
  • For G&G GPM92
  • 27Rnd Capacity

A 27rnd spare or replacement gas magazine for G&G's latest line of GPM92 gas blowback pistols.

  • 90rnd Mid Cap Mag
  • Self ejecting latch
  • High quality build

They might look like a standard Airsoft M4 AEG magazine, but they've got a little secret, they launch themselves out of your gun when empty!  A spring powered latch projects the magazine out of your gun when the mag is empty to allow you to reload faster when the seconds really count.

  • 23rnd Capacity
  • For GTP-9 & SMC-9
  • Standard Length Mag

A spare or replacement Gas Magazine for the G&G Armament GTP-9 and SMC-9 Airsoft Guns, holding a total of 23rnds and being filled with Green Gas from the Inlet Valve on the Baseplate like any other Airsoft Green Gas Magazine. Whether you own a GTP-9 and need more Magazines, or you own an SMC-9 and you want a shorter Magazine for ease of use and/or aesthetics; if you need to lay down more fire in your Airsoft Games, then you need to stock up on Spare Magazines today.

  • Wheel Wound Design
  • For G&G UMG SMG
  • 530rnd Capacity

A 530 round high capacity, wheel-wound magazine, designed for use with G&G's UMG SMG electric replica. Constructed from durable, high strength and lightweight polymers.

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • Carry More Ammo
  • Faux Round Count

This is a Spare Magazine for the G&G Armament Piranha Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, constructed from tough Alloy to the original specification. It is filled with BBs using a Speedloader and has Gas inserted from the baseplate via the Inlet Valve. If you own a G&G Piranha Pistol, then Spare Magazines are an absolute must for staying in the field longer, rather than scurrying back to the Safe Zone to reload.

  • Mid-cap Magazine
  • Clear Polymer construction
  • Dummy .45 ACP rounds inside

Looking for spare mags for the G&G PCC45? You have found them! Featuring robust clear polymer construction keeping the weight down and dummy round inside for enhanced realism, this is basically the perfect airsoft mag! Who doesn't love the look on their puzzled friends' faces as they wonder how you got a real .45 ACP submachine gun?

  • Official G&G GR14 Magazines
  • Clockwork Wheel Wind
  • High Capacity

A high capacity magazine designed for G&G M14 AEGs. An utterly essential piece of Airsoft kit for any G&G M14 owners, this spare high cap magazine allows you to carry more ammunition in the field without needing to make a hasty retreat to reload your magazines.

  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Huge Gas Reservoir
  • For G&G GTP-9/SMC-9

An Alloy constructed spare or replacement magazine for the G&G GTP-9 Gas Blowback Pistol and SMC-9 Gas Blowback Carbine. It holds a total of 50rnds and has a huge gas reservoir to ensure it can hold enough gas to perform throughout the entire magazine.

  • Incredibly Robust Build
  • Large Winding Front
  • 1500rnd Capacity

The perfect magazine to give you the ultimate fire-power and suppression from your G&G AP-9 AEG. Incredibly satisfying to hold and use thanks to the very thick and robust polymer construction.

  • 120 Round Capacity
  • Modern Styled Design
  • Moulded Polymer Magazine

An Airsoft Medium Capacity Magazine that is ideal for the Airsofter wanting to inject a little more realism into their Skirmishing style. Loosely inspired by the design of modern P-Mag type magazines, this is G&Gs attempt at creating a lightweight and uniquely styled magazine for STANAG Magazine compatible Airsoft Guns, such as the M4 and M16.

  • For G&G ARP-9
  • 30Rnd Low Cap
  • Realistic Capacity

A realistic capacity magazine for the G&G ARP-9 electric 9mm replica, which is perfect for those who like to test their skills and push their immersion/realism to the absolute limit.

  • 100rnd Capacity
  • For G&G MBR 308
  • Bolt-Stop Function

A Polymer constructed magazine for G&G TR16 MBR .308 series of Airsoft Electric Guns, which has an elongated follower to activate the Bolt-Stop function of the replica and is a beautiful. easy-to-handle design. It is easily loaded using a Speedloader to force BBs into the entrance, holding a total of 100rnds and effortlessly feeding them into your rifle until it is completely empty.

  • For G&G RK74
  • Smoked/Tinted
  • 115rnd Capacity

A 115rnd Mid-Cap (Medium Capacity) Magazine for the G&G branded AK Platform Replicas, such as the RK74 series. The Magazine is filled from the top using a Speedloader, and features a smoked / transparent outer shell. Being a Mid-Cap Magazine this will feed until it is empty, without rattling like a High-Cap. It even has the Elongated Follower featured in the OEM Mags, to make sure you're using every last BB in the mag. If you own an RK74 series AEG and want to carry more ammunition in the field, the stock up today.

  • 105 Rounds
  • SSG-1 Style Magazine
  • Internal Round Indicator

A transparent style Mid Cap Magazine for the G&G SSG-1 with Round Counting Indicators so you always know how many rounds you've got left!

  • 450 Round Capacity
  • Lightweight Polymer
  • Easy To Operate Wheel

A lightweight high capacity magazine, designed for use with STANAG compatible 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Guns.

  • Lightweight
  • Made For ARP-9
  • 300 Round High Cap

A spare high cap magazine designed for the G&G ARP-9 only.

  • Wheel Wound Design
  • For G&G PCC45
  • 520rnd Capacity

A 520 round high capacity, wheel-wound magazine, designed for use with G&G's PCC45 SMG electric replica. Constructed from durable, high strength and lightweight polymers.

  • Value Mid-cap package
  • 5x 120 round magazines
  • High density Polymer construction

Looking for a full loadout of AR mags? G&G are here to provide what you need. These magazines are mid-capacity, holding 120 rounds in each, made from tough, high-density polymer and have a removable baseplate and internals for maintenance.

  • Manual winding
  • Massive 2300 round capacity
  • High density Polymer construction

If you are looking for some extra firepower for your M4/AR15 AEG, you have found it with G&Gs drum magazine! With a whopping 2300 round capacity, you will easily have enough BBs on board to keep the entire enemy team's heads down!

  • Auto Winding
  • Easy Fill Window
  • 7.4v LiPo Included

A robust, Alloy constructed Drum Magazine for the G&G branded GMG42 Machine Gun, which holds a total of 1700rnds and automatically feeds BBs into the gun, using an included LiPo battery pack to power the unit.

  • Electric Wound
  • Included 7.4 LiPo
  • 2300rnd Capacity

This is an Electric-Powered Drum Magazine for AR Platform Rifles, such as M4/M16 family replicas. It comes included with a 7.4v LiPo Battery to operate the Electric-Winding, which is performed by holding down a switch. If you like High Capacity Magazines but hate having to wind them... then oh boy, do we have a solution for you!

About Our Airsoft Magazines

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