Acquire your target and take them out with accuracy!

We stock a huge range of optics from budget to high-end telescopic optics and red dot sights. All of them fit onto 99% of airsoft guns on the market. Choose from a wide array of holographic, reflex, iron sights and much more. 

Be ready for your next airsoft skirmish, if you shoot in low light Airsoft arenas or have an upcoming night game, then be prepared with one of our airsoft optics today.

We also hold a range of scopes offering varying magnifications, from close range sights, to medium range scopes and more. We also hold a range of sniper scopes that are perfect for your long range shots. They offer illumination, easy to adjust windage and elevation as well as a mix of eye relieves and front lenses from 25 to 50mm wide.

Shop all of our products online today or, if you’d prefer, we have a store in Huddersfield where you can come and try out anything in person.