Amomax Airsoft Single Shoulder Harness for Amomax Holster

Code: AM-SHS
  • Shoulder harness for Amomax holster series
  • Great for use with a belt rig
  • Single side harness - right handed

If you are fed up with drop leg holsters slowing you down, or belt-mounted holsters being hard to reach when prone, the Cytac Shoulder harness may be the solution to your woes! This harness provides a polymer mounting platform for any Amomax retention holster and an adjustable shoulder harness which allows practically any body type to wear this holster comfortably.

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Amomax's shoulder harness allows an Amomax holster to be mounted on the rotary platform, which sits beneath the user's right arm when worn. The rotary mounting platform is constructed from flexible thermo-plastic and is shaped to conform well to the user's body for maximum comfort. This harness is fully adjustable and includes snap-button closed loops to secure the rig to the user's belt. The rear of the harness features a padded area which sits over the right shoulder blade, keeping the rig comfortable by spreading the weight, even when fully loaded.

In a practical sense, a shoulder-mounted holster frees up space on your belt for additional equipment, keeps the pistol high to aid drawing when in a vehicle or when prone, and aids in concealment, though this should only be done as part of an Airsoft scenario/skirmish. This would be the perfect companion to unconventional loadouts, whether it's a 007 at the casino look or a nocturnal detective seeking justice in an unjust world...


  • Right-handed rig
  • For Amomax retention holster
  • Keeps the holster high and way from your legs
  • Easy access when prone
  • Fully adjustable
  • Shoulder pad for increased comfort

Package Includes

  • Amomax Airsoft Single Shoulder Harness for Amomax Holster



Tactical Equipment Type
Harness, Holster Spare parts,
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.126kg


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Polymer holster mount with nylon harness
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  • Nylon
  • Polymer

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One Size Fits All