Amomax Drop-Leg Adapter for Amomax Holster Series

Code: AM-P002
  • Drop-leg adapter for Amomax holsters
  • Widely adjustable - Suitable for most, if not all
  • Rotary mount, ride height adjustable

If you are running a fully equipped pistol you may find it is getting a bit too heavy to use in a belt holster, and in this case Amomax have you covered! The Drop-Leg Adapter is compatible with any Amomax polymer retention holster and mounts through your belt, with an additional elasticated nylon strap to help prevent the pistol from swinging around during dynamic movement.

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The Drop-Leg Adapter for Amomax Holster Series from Amomax provides a replacement mount for any Amomax holster, which includes the flexible rotary system present on the original belt mount. The ride height can also be altered by removing the two Allen bolts in the front and positioning the holster at the appropriate height for your body type and ergonomic preference, after which the bolts can be replaced.

The adapter is secured to both your belt and your leg, and features an adjustable belt loop which is compatible with belts of between 2.25-inches and 1.5-inches and can be adjusted by pushing the adjustment bar out, and reinstalling it at the desired position. To secure the adapter to your leg, the device features a thick and robust elasticated nylon strap, which can be adjusted out to 28-inches in length. The elasticated of this strap is a very thoughtful inclusion and prevents the holster from moving around on your leg and causing discomfort.

So, if you want to spread the weight of your fully kitted out Airsoft pistol, or you want better access to your sidearm from a prone position, the Amomax Drop-Leg Adapter is a great solution, and adds to the plethora of options available for Amomax holster users!


  • For left or right handed Amomax holsters
  • Rotary mount
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Compatible with belts of 1.5-2.25 inches in width
  • Elasticated leg strap for comfort
  • Wide range of adjustment - One size fits most!

Package Includes

  • Amomax Drop-Leg Adapter for Amomax Holster Series



Tactical Equipment Type
Holster Spare parts
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Over 18
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This mount is only compatible with the Amomax series of polymer retention holsters

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.141kg


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Polymer platform and belt mount with polymer buckles, elasticated nylon straps. Steel bolts and screws.
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  • Nylon
  • Polymer
  • Steel

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One Size Fits All