Amomax KWA/LS/UMAREX USP/USP Compact and G&G GTP9 Airsoft Holster

Code: AM-USP
  • For USP, USP Compact and G&G GTP9
  • Mounts to your Belt
  • Fits KWA, LS and Umarex USPs

A Polymer constructed retention holster for both KWA/LS/UMAREX USP and USP Compact series and G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistols, which will attach to a Belt or to MOLLE (using a separately sourced MOLLE adapter) and hold your pistol tight until you press the release button.

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This Polymer constructed Holster is designed to securely hold a USP, USP Compact, or GTP9 Pistol. Your Pistol will easily slide into the opening, and is locked in place securely until the Release Lever is pressed, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your USP/GTP isn't going anywhere until you go to draw. The Paddle design is made to easily slip over most sized belts and sit securely on your hip. Alternatively, a separately sourced MOLLE Adapter can replace the Paddle so that the Holster can be installed on a Rig, Drop Panel, or anywhere with spare MOLLE loops available. The angle of the holster can also be set by playing with the screws on the rear, to set the holster to you specifically. If you own a USP GBB Pistol or a GTP9 and need somewhere to safely stow it during game day, the Amomax USP/USP Compact and GTP9 Retention Holster is exactly what you were looking for.


  • Polymer Construction
  • Retention Holster
  • For USP, USP Compact and GTP9
  • Fits KWA/LS/UMAREX Brands
  • Locks Pistol In Place
  • Pistol Released By Button
  • Can Be Mounted on MOLLE
  • Made for Belt Systems
  • Adjustable Holster Angle

Package Includes

  • Amomax USP/USP Compact and G&G GTP9 Retention Holster



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