APS Hell Fire CO2 Powered MOSCART Grenade 162rnd

Code: XP03

A CNC Machined Aluminium MOSCART Shell for Airsoft Grenade Launchers, that is powered by CO2 using a filling device, or by using Guarder Black Gas via the Inlet Valve. Holding a total of 162rnds, the Hell Fire Grenade will unleash a cloud of angry plastic when you pull the Trigger, making it ideal for clearing corridors and bunkered-positions.

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The APS Hell Fire Grenade is constructed from CNC Machined Aluminium for the base, and durable Polymer for the Head. The Polymer Head is where your BBs should be filled using a Speedloader. An O-Ring that sits around the Head will allows the BBs to be pushed past, but won't let them roll out of their own accord. The top section can be removed using an Alley Key should you wish to fill the BBs by hand, without resistance from the O-Ring. To fill the Grenade with Gas you need to unscrew and separate the two halves of the Grenade. Inside the Red/Aluminium section you will see a Gas Inlet Valve just like on any Airsoft Gas Magazine. You should use a CO2 Filling Device to insert CO2 into the Grenade, but you can alternatively use a High Power Gas such as Guarder Black Gas. The Valve will need resetting once the Grenade has been fired, but this is as easy as pushing the Fill Valve back into place once you open it up to refill it. Being a typical 40mm design, this Grenade will work with all shapes and sizes of Airsoft Grenade Launcher. If you are in the market for seriously upgrading your BB output, then the ability to clear entire rooms and corridors with one pull of the Trigger will definitely appeal to you; grab the APS Hell Fire CO2 Powered Grenade today.


  • Airsoft 40mm Grenade
  • For All Launcher Types
  • Shower/Projectile Grenade
  • 162rnd Capacity
  • CNC Machined Aluminium
  • CO2 Powered
  • Can Accept Guarder Black Gas
  • Easy to Fill & Use
  • Easy to Reset Valve
  • Screw-Apart Disassembly
  • Impressive Gas Cloud
  • Red/Black Design
  • Clear Rooms & Corridors

Package Includes

  • APS Hell Fire CO2 Powered Grenade 162rnd



Grenade Type
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.152kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Black, Red,
Construction Icon
CNC Machined Aluminium w/ Polymer Head
Material Icon
Polymer, CNC Machined Aluminium,

Grenade Specific

Projectile Specific

Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 162 Rounds