Ares SOC SLR Sniper Rifle (MSR-SOC)

  • Red Dot Laser
  • Bipod & Monopod
  • Futuristic Bullpup Sniper

Based on a prototype Begadi design, this futuristic and sci-fi looking gun is an Airsoft electric sniper rifle! Featuring fully adjustable bipod and cheekrest, an inbuilt monopod, and even an inbuilt and fully functional red dot laser. Combine that with a full alloy external construction, and you get a realistic Airsoft replica that almost breaks the scales at 6.1Kg! 

Full description


An incredibly unique looking 6mm BB Airsoft electric sniper rifle. Despite its out-of-this-world futuristic and sci-fi like appearance, the SOC SLRs origins are based very firmly on planet Earth. Germany, to be precise. Based on a prototype design from 2016, the SOC SLR can be thought of as the spiritual successor to the iconic (if rare) WA-2000 and DSR-1 bullpup rifles, famous for their frequent appearances in movies and video games. 

The SOC SLR is intended to be used as a designated marksman's rifle, or DMR, and is ready for use straight from the box. The gun has been pre-restricted and locked to only fire in semi-automatic, making it suitable for Airsoft Skirmish sites which require DMRs to be semi-automatic only.  A full barrel length upper 20mm RIS rail allows the installation of optics and scopes, 

The Bullpup platform allows for a long barrel in an overall short weapon length, making the SOC SLR a little handier to carry and transport than some of its non-bullpup rivals. ARES have accurately replicated the SOC SLRs externals, resulting in a rock solid AEG constructed largely from alloy, and weighing in at a scale-shattering 6.6KG. With all that weight you'll be wanting to fire from a fixed position, and the SLR has you covered; there's an adjustable monopod built into the grip, and mounted on top of the barrel housing is a WA-2000 style fold-down bipod, which is height and traverse adjustable, allowing users to fire from the most stable platform possible, regardless of the terrain you're shooting from. 

Designed with user comfort in mind, the rifle features an ergonomic grip with molded finger grooves designed to allow you to get the best possible grip on the weapon. The cheekrest is fully height adjustable, ensuring that you will be able to get practical eye-relief with whatever scope you have mouted, and also still aim the SOC SLR if you're wearing full face protection. The fire selector and magazine release are ambidextrous, and there's a fully functional red dot laser in front of the trigger. The Hop-up is fully adjustable, allowing users to tweak range and accuracy performance and use heavy weight BBs for precision shooting. If you're looking for an AEG sniper with a difference, the SOC SLR is an excellent choice.

Other Features: 

  • Replica Begadi SOC sniper rifle 
  • WA2000 / DSR-1 styled design
  • Bullpup platform
  • Incredibly futuristic Sci-Fi appearance 
  • WA2000 style downwards/rear folding bipod
  • Pistol grip adjustable monopod 
  • Height adjustable bipod legs
  • Bipod can traverse full length of barrel
  • Locked to semi auto
  • DMR ready out-the-box
  • 40 round low cap magazine
  • Full barrel length 20mm RIS rail
  • Polymer pistol grip
  • Ergonomically molded finger grooves 
  • Polymer magazine
  • Full metal front rail
  • Ambidextrous fire selector / safety 
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Functional charging handle & bolt
  • Functional bolt release
  • 12cm mock muzzle device 
  • Functional red dot laser pointer
  • Ergonomic polymer buttpads 

Package Includes:

  • SOC SLR Sniper Rifle (MSR-SOC) - Black
  • 40 Round Magazine
  • User Manual

Special Instructions:

Please note that the Red Dot Laser Pointer features two settings, ON and OFF. The various adjustment controls on the laser unit are molded on and are purely decorative. 



Weapon Construction External
Weapon Type
Snipers Rifle
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Icon UKARA - United Kingdom Airsoft Retailer Association
Defence / UKARA Required
Yes, No,
FPS Icon
FPS (Feet Per Second), using 0.20g BB
Approx. 350fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB
Site Legal Icon
Site Legal, using 0.20g BB
Screwdriver Icon
Included Items
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
Skill Level Icon
User Skill Level
Experienced Player

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 6.1kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Primary Colour
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Secondary Colour
Two Tone Icon
Pre Two-Toned
Construction Icon
Alloy receiver, barrel and rail, with polymer pistol grip.
Weapon Construction External
External Construction
Gearbox Icon
Internal Construction

Weapon Specific

Power Source Icon
Powered By
Blowback Icon
Weapon Platform
Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
Fire Select Icon
Fire Selector
PatrolBase | Fire Select Safe
Patrol Base | Fire Select - Semi Automatic
Semi Automatic
Weapon Safety Features Icon
Safety Features
Trigger Lock
Shooter Configuration Icon
Shooter Configuration
Weapon Configuration Icon
Weapon Configuration
Weapon Scale Icon
Weapon Scale
Suggested BB Weight


Hop-Up Unit Icon
Hop-Up Unit
Hop-Up Unit Adjuster Icon
Hop-Up Adjuster
Hop-Up Unit Location Icon
Hop-Up Location
Accessible behind the mock dust cover


Weapon Furniture Icon
  • Bipod
  • Railed Receiver
  • Integrated Monopod
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Icon Stock Positions
Stock Setting
Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Sling Plate Icon
Sling Options

Magazine Specific

Magazine Type
Low Capacity , AEG,
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 40 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader
Magazine BB Fill Location

Electric Gun Specific Information

Battery Specific
Battery Connector
Patrol Base | Icon | Mini Tamiya
Mini Tamiya

Product Testing Data

Notepad Icon
Test Description
Notepad Icon
Tested Using
Using 0.2g BBs

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