ASG 0.20g Tracer Blaster 6mm Airsoft BB

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  • Light Yellow
  • 0.20g In Weight
  • Approx. 3000 BB

High quality 0.20g tracer BBs which when illuminated glow green in the dark, allowing Airsofters to witness where their shots are going, perfect for CQB.

Full description


Moulded using a luminescent material, when the BB's pass through a tracer unit or any other bright light source the BB's will begin to glow a light green colour. Created for excellent tolerances these BB's are manufactured to within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter. The BB's themselves are coated with a special coating for improved smoothness, ensuring no loss of compression when shooting. These BB's are the among the most used in the country, confirming their quality. Perfect for all Airsoft Weapons, both Indoor and Outdoor.


  • Hight grade 0.20g Tracer BBs
  • Part of the ASG Blaster Range
  • New and improved bottle, holding more BBs
  • Pale yellow in colour
  • Perfect for use with an Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Green in colour when illuminated
  • Specially coated
  • Bottle contains approx. 3300 BBs
  • ± 0.01mm tolerance between each BB
  • New easy pour larger cap

Package Includes

  • ASG 0.20g Blaster 6mm Tracer BB x 3300



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Florescent Green
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.6kg

BB Specific

Approx. 3300
BB Type
BB Weight (g)
BB Size (mm)
Approx. 5.97mm
BB Tolerance (mm)
+/- 0.01mm
BB Material

Customer reviews

5 / 5
1 review for ASG 0.20g Tracer Blaster 6mm Airsoft BB
Trustpilot customer reviews
Dylan Gregory
Written on 13/11/2022
They're bbs, and they light up. Otherwise, I have found no feeding issues firing them from my lct ak, and they light up decently well.
Rated 5 out of 5