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  • Approx. 3300 BBs
  • ±0.01mm Tolerance
  • Standard White 0.20g

The go-to weight of every Airsoft site and skirmisher. 0.20g BB are commonly used as a beginner weight of BB, great in all Airsoft replicas offering the highest velocity with the same high quality finish as the rest of the ASG blaster Range.

  • 3300 x 0.20g BBs
  • Low cost and high quality
  • Perfect for CQB and GBB pistols

If you are shooting so much you are emptying your bank account as fast as you empty your magazine, more affordable BBs are the key to keeping up the habit. Often, with affordability comes compromise, but not with ASG's Q Blaster BBs! These 6mm Airsoft BBs are supplied in a resealable bottle containing 3300 BBs approximately and are polished and coated for smooth reliable feeding. These are the 0.20G variety, perfect for the average AEG, shotgun or GBB pistol and especially good for CQB where the extra projectile speed of a lighter BB can be a huge benefit when engaging moving targets. 

Tolerance is slightly wider than Blaster Devils but still minuscule, promising +/- 0.03mm variance at the absolute maximum. These BBs would be great for CQB use and use in platforms which won't need the extra precision of Blaster Devils to show the enemy who is boss! 

  • 3300 x 0.20g BBs
  • 0.01mm Tolerance
  • Competition Grade

A bottle of 3300 high quality, competition grade polished 0.20g BBs from ASG, which undergo a strict quality control process and are carefully selected to achieve a higher standard of BB over the traditional Blaster series, which are already spot on. The 0.20g BBs are the baseline weight for Airsoft Guns are are appropriate for indoor sites, testing and high speed guns / grenade launchers.

  • Screw Top Lid
  • 3300 x 0.25g BBs
  • 0.01mm Tolerance

A screw-top bottle that contains 3300 high quality, competition-grade 0.25g BBs from ASG, which are carefully selected to make the cut for the 'Devil' series - a premium range compared to the standard Blasters. They are made with a fine Tolerance of 0.01mm to ensure optimal performance in all Airsoft Guns. The 0.25g BBs are a great option for those playing outdoors, particularly if you have a high speed gun and want to keep overall BB costs down whilst maintaining top-tier performance.

  • Light Yellow
  • 0.20g In Weight
  • Approx. 3000 BB

High quality 0.20g tracer BBs which when illuminated glow green in the dark, allowing Airsofters to witness where their shots are going, perfect for CQB.

About ASG

ASG, also known as Action Sport Games, are one of the world leaders in Airsoft replicas and accessories, with products ranging from officially licenced and highly detailed Airsoft AEG replicas to CO2-powered gas pistols, high-grade Airsoft BBs including sniper BBs and much more.

Action Sport Games collaborates with other brands to bring in high quality and original designs for all of their Airsoft replicas, working with real steel firearms companies such as A.R.M.S Inc, Bersa, Arsenal, Ceska Zbrojovka, Steyr Arms. ASG products range from handguards to handguns, and all parts in-between, so you can be sure ASG will have something relevant to your needs.

ASG is also known for its well-renowned in-house products such as the ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1, made with its own digital controller MOSFET system with a full range of parts and accessories to boot. The Scorpion EVO has become a legend in Airsoft, being made from the same polymer as the real thing and boasting an extremely advanced design, both on the inside and externally. Other ASG Airsoft replicas include the Steyr Arms Scout sniper rifle and the AUG bullpup assault rifle, both available through ASG with official licencing from the manufacturer of the real thing. 

ASG also distribute their own brand of high-quality Airsoft 6mm BBs, known as the Blaster range. These include the highly polished Blaster Devils BBs for DMR and other accuracy-focused platforms and the more affordable Q Blaster BBs which are ideal for CQB. The ASG Ultrair Airsoft Green gas is also available to cater to gas blowback pistol and rifle users, offering great value and even greater performance. Whether you are after a new Airsoft gun, Airsoft accessories, upgrade parts or just some BBs and Airsoft green gas, ASG has your back!