ASG Auto Reset Shooting Target BB Catcher

Product code: 17348
  • Batteryless Design
  • Auto-Reset Targets
  • Keep Rooms BB Free

A simple to use target for use with Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, designed to allow the user to practice their target shooting without having to stop and manually reset the targets. 

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The back of the target features a mesh net which captures BBs, keeping your bedroom or garden BB free, and can also be removed should it no longer be required. The frame of the target is constructed from lightweight polymer, and is able to resist BBs at long distances. A great gift or small purchase alongside your new Airsoft gun for some back yard practice before your next game. This target system is highly recommended for Snipers as it allows them to practice at long range without having to stop and move to the targets at long distances.


  • Automatically Resets once all 3 Targets are Hit
  • Perfect for Snipers practising long range shots
  • No need to manually reset once shot
  • Polymer frame strong and resistant against shots from distance
  • Mesh netting to capture your BBs to keep your floor / garden space BB free
  • Ideal for any keen target shooter
  • 3 Different Sized Targets
  • Extra Targets Included
  • No Batteries Required
  • Use with or without Mesh Trap
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with or without the mesh trap

Package Includes:

  • Auto Reset Shooting Target BB Catcher



Tactical Equipment Type
Targets & Catchers
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Over 18


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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Black Polymer Frame, with Nylon Netting and Red Targets with a white Background
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  • Nylon
  • Polymer