ASG MP9 VMP-1 Sling

Code: 16916
  • Metal Loop
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Rubber Shoulder Pad

    A one point sling designed for MP9 gas blowback submachine guns, with a quick release clasp for easy handover to a marshal or other player.

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    Fully adjustable MP9 sling designed to offer comfort yet quick drop and access to your Airsoft MP9 at any time. Each sling comes with a pre fitted rubber shoulder rest too to prevent uncomfortable rubbing on your shoulder and collar bones.


    • Fully adjustable
    • Metal attaching loop fitting
    • Rubber movable shoulder pad
    • Quick release clip

    Package Includes

    • MP9 Sling



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    Approx. 0.2kg

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    Quick Detach
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    Sling Guide

    Slings are an Airsofter's best friend, they take some of the stress out of carrying a heavy weapon over the day, allowing them to be slung over your back, or held on your front to take some of the weight off your arms.

    Worried about picking the right sling? Not a problem, we can talk you through the three major types of sling to help you pick the right one. 

    In this guide we'll look at the top three sling choices: Single Point, Two Point, and Three Point Slings, with Single Point and Two Point being the most common, and Three Point the choice of some specialised shooters.

    Each serves the same purpose, holding a rifle, but each one has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will go into below.

    Single Point Slings

    Single Point Slings consist of a large loop which goes over the head, and a strap leading from it to hold the weapon, usually with a Quick Detach Point for weapon removal. The Sling is typically worn on your strong side shoulder to allow quick access to the weapon.

    Single point slings are designed to keep your weapon towards the front and centre-line of the body, making it easier to grip the weapon from its resting position. This type of sling offers great freedom, as it is easy and quick to remove and allows easy transition of the weapon between shoulders in CQB Environments.

    This type of sling has a weakness though, the weapon dangles freely when it is not held in place, and can bound around or get in the way whilst moving, meaning that if you transition to your secondary weapon, you won't be able to move quickly without your primary weapon moving around. This might be a problem for some people, but if you're a hi-cap hero, and only run one weapon, it shouldn't be a problem.


    • Easy to use
    • Usually quickly disconnects from your weapon
    • Good for right to left shoulder transitions


    • Weapon moves around whilst moving unsupported
    • Poor weight distribution

    Two Point Slings

    The Two Point Sling is one of the most common style of sling in use by Airsoft Skirmishers, as they offer a wide variety of setups and can be attached to a wide range of weapons both long and short.

    Typically this type of sling setup is attached at both the Front and the Back of the weapon, and can be adjusted to suit any length of weapon, with multiple available types of connectors, such as: fixed, loop, clip and quick detach. You can even buy attachment loops which fit onto 20mm Rails to add more sling points to the front of your rifle should it be required.

    With this type of sling setup the rifle can be worn several ways, including over the shoulder, across the body, and even on your back, depending on what kind of game you're playing or task your trying a achieve, and are great for distributing the weight of the weapon across your body making it easy to carry for extended periods of time.

    As a bonus, some two-point slings can even be converted into a single point sling by connecting the sling clips together!

    This kind of sling doesn't have many weakness, except they stop you from transitioning between shoulders, which can be a huge problem in CQB. Typically in CQB people opt to simply remove the sling from their shoulder and hold the weapon, and then re-sling it of the shoulder for the walks back to the spawn area.


    • Multiple ways of using them
    • Makes your weapon easier to carry for long time periods


    • Must be unslung to transition in CQB

    Three Point Slings

    The Three Point sling setup isn't as common as the Single and Two Point setups, but has its distinct advantages over the two. Typically these kind of setups are attached with two points on the weapon, and a large loop around the shooter, providing maximum security and hold.

    When setup correctly a Three Point Sling provides maximum hold on the weapon, reducing weapon sway whilst moving, but restrict the user more when handling their weapon.

    The main disadvantage to this kind of setup is their ease of use, they're hard to setup, and can interfere with the operation of your weapon, especially if you're using an M4 or M16, but are great on weapons such as the L85.

    Transition shooting is very hard, and almost impossible, but the trade off is that for carrying your weapon for extended periods of time, and preventing the weapon from swaying whilst moving, there is no better alternative.


    • Strong and Secure
    • Keeps the weapon out of the way whilst moving


    • Complicated, and hard to fit initially
    • Cannot transition shoulders in CQB

    Help! My sling wont fit into the sling hole!

    If you're having trouble fitting your sling into the hole, its not a problem, its happened to all of us. A lot of slings have quite large and chunky clips or loops to attach to weapons, but some rifles and sub-machine guns have tiny loops for attaching the slings.

    This is a common problem with smaller style Airsoft Weapons, such as MP5, MP9, and the ASG Scorpion Evo, and there is a simple solution: Use a Keyring!

    It sounds a bit weird, but if you attach the Key Ring to your weapon, then the sling to the Key Ring, it gives you the ability to attach a wide range of slings to your weapon.

    Gone are the days where you can only use specialist slings on your weapon, just grab a Key ring and you're ready to go.

    As always however, we suggest you buy decent quality Key Rings, and always check before you play that the Key Ring will support the weight of the weapon as you run around.