Battleaxe RPK Wood Conversion Kit for AK-47/74

Code: W004
  • Real wood construction
  • Set includes: Upper & lower handguard, stock
  • Compatible with CYMA AK series AEGs

If you want a new look for your CYMA AK or you're building the big boy RPK series, Battleaxe has the kit for you! The RPK Wood Conversion Kit for AK-47/74 is designed to fit CYMA AK AEGs but should also fit other brands but may need modification. The set includes a real wood upper handguard, lower handguard and stock beautifully finished to mimic the real thing.

The attention to detail paid by Battleaxe in this kit is evident when you notice the super-realistic laminated plywood construction, just like real Russian AK wood. This is great for the stitch counters, and while this wood may not be as strong as the real Russian stuff, it's ample for Airsoft use and looks far better than cheaper alternatives. Whether your objective is to build a seriously unique AK or complete your RPK support gun build, this Wood Conversion Kit is a fantastic option!

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  • Real wood construction - Looks gorgeous!
  • Set includes:
    • Real wood upper handguard
    • Real wood lower handguard
    • Real wood stock
  • Designed for CYMA AK AEG series
  • Should also fit other AKs - Modification may be needed

Package Includes

  • Battleaxe RPK Wood Conversion Kit for AK-47/74



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Stock, Handguard, Grips & Stock,
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Real Wood
Real Wood
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Real wood

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AK, Assault Rifle,