Big Dragon Aluminium BAD Lever For M4/AR-15 AEG/GBBR

Big Dragon
Code: BD0795
  • Aluminium construction
  • For M4/AR-15 AEG & GBBR
  • Makes bolt catch reloads faster and looks slick!

If you run a GBBR M4/AR-15 and you want an easy way to improve your weapons handling, the Aluminium BAD lever for M4/AR-15 from Big Dragon is what you need! This device attaches to the bolt release catch on the left side of the receiver and allows you to drop the bolt after a reload without having to hit the ping pong paddle, instead you press this lever with your trigger finger. The BAD (Battery Assist Device) also allows you to lock the bolt to the rear without taking your hand off the pistol grip with a push upwards on the lever when the charging handle is pulled back.

AEG users need not feel left out; the BAD can still be mounted to your AEG, but more as an aesthetic touch to mimic real world customised ARs. Compatibility wise, this device may need modification or shimming for a tight fit on any specific platform, so we only recommend this part for experienced users.

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  • Aluminium construction
  • Attaches to M4/AR-15 bolt catch
  • Provides an extended lever which sits inside the trigger guard
  • Makes reloads much faster on GBBR/NGRS platforms with bolt catches
  • Allows you to lock the bolt to the rear without taking your hand off the pistol grip (GBBR)
  • Gives your rifle that "Art of the Tactical Carbine" look
  • Compatible with most M4/AR-15 platforms

Package Includes

  • Big Dragon Aluminium BAD Lever For M4/AR-15 AEG/GBBR



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Bolt Catch
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extended bolt catch/release
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