Bollé Safety SI Full Seal Kit w/ Strap for BSSI Rush + Glasses

Bollé Safety SI
  • Strap and frame kit
  • Converts BSSI Rush + into full seal goggles
  • Essential for CQB use!

You may find that many CQB sites across the country no longer allow eye protection that has no strap, and is not "full seal" in its design. This is for good reason, as it is simply not worth the risk that a player loses their glasses whilst in the game area and potentially loses their vision. You cannot put a price on your eyes, and as such Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI) have chosen to release a kit which converts their fantastic Rush + safety spectacles into a set of full seal goggles, with an additional frame and strap provided. For those intense CQB skirmishes, you can simply pop the lens off your pair of Rush +, and attach it to your Full Seal kit to satisfy worried site owners and marshalls! 

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Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI) is a Bollé Safety division dedicated to the tactical market. All Bollé Safety S.I eyewear is rated to withstand Airsoft projectiles, and are designed with tactical applications in mind. 

The Full Seal Kit for Rush + safety spectacles provides a replacement frame with a nylon elastic strap into which you can install your Rush + lens, converting your glasses into full seal goggles for added peace of mind, guaranteeing that your eye protection will not fall off. 


  • Strap and frame kit
  • For BSSI Rush + glasses
  • Ideal for CQB
  • Nylon frame, elastic strap

Package Includes

  • Bollé Safety S.I Full Seal Kit w/ Strap for BSSI Rush + Glasses

Special Instructions

Please note, this is a conversion set for the BSSI Rush + glasses and does not include a lens. You will require the lens from a pair of BSSI Rush + glasses to use this kit. 



Tactical Equipment Type
Goggle strap for Rush + Safety spectacles

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.021kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
SBR Foam with Nylon strap
Material Icon
Nylon, Foam,

Glasses and Goggles Specific

Package Includes
  • Strap
  • Additional Frame