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From £419.99
  • Foregrip Included
  • Strong Kick/Recoil
  • 14mm CCW Thread

A seriously sturdy replica of the MK18 series, powered by electric, which features Bolt's Recoil Shock System for a smile-inducing mechanical recoil from a weighted piston when firing.

From £419.99
  • Super Strong Recoil
  • Stamped Steel Body
  • Real Wood Handguard

A stunningly realistic and well-weighted replica of the AKS-74U, which features a Stamped Steel and Real Wood construction, coupled with the amazing Bolt Recoil Shock System which is so realistic that Bolt recommends never letting your finger find itself behind the charging handle!

From £439.99
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Large Battery Space
  • Heavy Recoil System

A solid and sturdy replica of the infamous M16 platform, in its' glorious A4 format with a 20mm railed handguard, removable carry handle and solid stock. It also features a strong mechanical recoil in the form of the Bolt Recoil Shock System.

From £459.99
  • Suppressor Inc.
  • Strong Recoil/Kick
  • Solid Build Quality

A rock-solid, electric-powered replica of a '416 family' rifle which features the Bolt Recoil Shock System; a mechanical recoil system which provides a hefty kick to the shoulder every time you fire.

The Ultimate in Realistic Recoil AEGs