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  • Replacement original part
  • For Novritsch SSP1 & SSP5
  • VSR/GBB Spec HOP-up rubber

Whether your HOP-up rubber is worn out or you are seeking an upgrade, the Novritsch HOP-up Bucking for SSP1/SSP5 GBB pistol is one to keep an eye on. This HOP-up bucking is a big reason that Novritsch pistols have such incredible range, and being a VSR/GBB style HOP-up rubber, this should be compatible with most TM-based GBB pistol designs as well as the VSR-10 sniper rifle series. 

  • Replacement original parts
  • Includes HOP-up chamber, bucking and nub
  • For CYMA CM.027 SMG-5 series

If you have HOP-up woes with your SMG-5 this could be what you need to fix it up! The CYMA HOP-Up Chamber with Rubber and Nub for SMG-5 AEG is a replacement original part for the CM.027 SMG-5 series but should also work in any TM based SMG-5 AEG (not NGRS variants). The set includes a complete HOP-up unit with the HOP-up arm and also includes a basic HOP-up rubber and nub, giving you everything you need to replace the entire unit in a single package. 

This set is designed for the CM.027 which is a copy of the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 AEG and should also work with similar designs but is not compatible with the Classic Army SMG-5 or the later CYMA CM.041 series SMG-5 AEGs. 

  • Flat HOP-up nub
  • Compatible with most Airsoft AEGs and GBBs
  • Extend your range and improve accuracy!

If you are looking for better accuracy and range, a flat HOP-up nub should do it! The Hades Airsoft Flat HOP-up nub is designed to apply a stronger HOP-up effect than standard cylindrical nubs and is available in 4mm or 5mm lengths.

The nub is constructed from 3D-printed synthetic rubber and maintains its shape regardless of any pressure applied, guaranteeing even pressure is applied across the nub and transferred to your BB without distortion. An additional advantage of using a harder synthetic rubber than the average is that performance will remain constant, even in lower temperatures.

As with other flat HOP-up modifications, this part is only recommended for those who are experienced working on HOP-ups and we suggest that you measure the window size of your inner barrel to ensure you get the correct size for your build.

  • Includes Bucking
  • For Cold Weather
  • For Marui Style AEG

Will fit almost all Airsoft AEG on the market. The rubber is made from Silicon and features a 50 Degree Nub, applying a moderate amount of hop to BBs. 

  • Wide Flat Patch
  • Various Degrees Of Hardness

Compared to the Autobot, this hop up rubber is far stronger and has a flatter shaped contact patch inside. 

  • Wide Flat Patch
  • For KSC GBB Style Barrels
  • Variable Degrees Of Hardness

An absolute monster of an upgrade to make to your weapon. The external surface is ribbed to keep your inner barrel more stable inside your hop up unit with next to no play at all after you have fully re-assembled your Airsoft weapon.

  • Multiple Thickness
  • 4 x 2 patches
  • Pre-cut

A set of pre-made R-HOP patches designed to take the stress out of r-hopping your hop-up unit. These patches are replacements for existing hop-up rubber, and are designed to be glued into the window on the barrel rather than sliding over it. This modification is for advanced Airsoft tech, and requires existing r-hop knowledge or experience.

  • 50 Degrees
  • Silicon Construction
  • For VSR-10 / KJW / WE 

A high quality replacement Hop up rubber, made to 50 degrees of hardness, and designed for VSRs, as well as KJW and WE Airsoft designs.

  • For 0.4g BBs +
  • Silicon Construction
  • For VSR-10 / KJW / WE

A high quality replacement Hop up rubber, made to 70 degrees of hardness, and designed for VSRs, as well as KJW and WE Airsoft designs.

  • 70 Degree HOP rubber
  • Great for DMR build
  • Compatible with AEG rifles/SMG/Support gun

A high-quality silicone hop rubber designed to replace the current hop rubber in your weapon. This particular hop rubber is made to be compatible with all standard AEG-type barrels and hop units.

  • Rubber construction
  • Available in various hardness degrees
  • For standard AEG HOP-up chamber

Maple Leaf has quickly risen to become the market leader in HOP-up rubbers and inner barrels, and the Maple Leaf Macaron bucking is no exception. The design of the Macaron bucking features a narrower entrance to help the BB feed in a consistent spot with each cycle, and a contact patch with a refined shape intended to provide more consistent lift across the entire upper surface of the BB for greater accuracy than standard HOP buckings.

  • Soft Bucking
  • Grippy Material
  • Air-Tight Design

A soft Hop Rubber for Marui compatible AEGs offering an air-tight design, which comes supplied with a nub and is a purple colour.

  • Stabilise Shots
  • Improves Air Seal
  • Reduce Power Loss

An upgrade hop bucking for Tokyo Marui and other compatible products. Designed for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 bolt action and blow back pistols in mind including the Hi-Capa 4.3, Hi-Capa 5.1, M1911A1, SIG P226, SOCOM MK23 and G26. 

  • Shorter Than Standard
  • For VSR-10 & M28 rifles
  • 2 Hop Rubbers Per Pack

Next level of Airsoft sniper rifle hop-up rubber produced with similar materials and processes to Madbull's current line up of AEG hop-up components. 

  • Increases Accuracy
  • Works with Heavier BB's
  • Compatible with Master Mod Barrels

Master Mods are a new Internal Parts manufacturer bringing a whole new meaning to the term reliable. The Master Mods R-Hop Contact rubber is a hardened contact for use with heavier weight BB's, increasing accuracy & performance.

  • Nub Included
  • 2 Rubbers & Nubs
  • 60 Degree Rubber

A popular upgrade over standard hop rubbers. The Red Shark version has 3 fins inside compared to the all smooth Blue variant from MAD BULL. 

  • Sub 370fps Builds
  • 2 Rubbers & Nubs
  • 60 Degree Blue Rubber

We have stocked this particular AEG hop rubber set for years. One of our most popular, reliable and promising items you can install into your own Airsoft hop unit. 

  • For Marui M4 / M16
  • Small Amount of Flex
  • All Components Included

A high quality performance aftermarket hop up for Tokyo Marui Airsoft M4 / M16 series AEGs.

  • Perfect Upgrade
  • Alloy Hop-Up Unit
  • No Loose Movement

A replacement Hop-Up Unit for Airsoft AK Rifles, designed and constructed to high standards by Action Sports Games in Denmark as part of their Ultimate Upgrade Parts Range. 

  • Upgraded HOP-up chamber set
  • Alloy construction w/steel HOP-up arm & alu tensioner
  • Compatible with most EU-series GBB pistols

If you want your sidearm to be capable of really reaching out, a HOP-up upgrade should be top of your list! The Maple Leaf HOP-up Chamber for VFC/WE/TM EU-Series GBB is constructed from alloy and supplied with a steel HOP-up arm and aluminium "I-key" style tensioner, promising tighter tolerances than the stock HOP-up unit which should translate to better air seal qualities, consistency and thus better accuracy downrange.

This set is compatible with VFC, WE and Tokyo Marui EU-series GBB pistols but should also fit most Tokyo Marui clone EU-series pistols, though as always, we recommend upgrade parts only for the knowledgeable and confident!

  • CNC Machined
  • Consistent Pressure
  • Anodised Aluminium

A CNC machined Aluminium Hop Arm / Pressure Plate for the Modify MOD24 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

  • Alloy construction
  • 2 HOP-up arms included
  • For Umarex Glock 17, Glock 19/19X & Glock 45 GBB

If you want to upgrade your Umarex Glock and build a sleeper of a long ranged pistol setup, this is the HOP-up unit you need! The Maple Leaf HOP-Up Chamber for Umarex/VFC Glock is compatible with the Umarex/VFC Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 19X and Glock 45 GBB pistols and is constructed from alloy for improved strength. The unit is supplied with two HOP-up arms with one pre-installed, giving you a spare to keep handy or modify for some experimental HOP-up setups. 

The tolerances of this unit are far more precise than the original, offering better air seal and gas efficiency, translating into better effect on target and better consistency. If you want to shock the enemy by landing a hit with your pistol at long range, the Maple Leaf HOP-Up Chamber for Umarex/VFC Glock is the key!

  • For TM / KJ Works
  • Pre-Built Hop-Up
  • Drop in kit

A pre-built drop in hop-up unit and barrel set up built by Maple Leaf with their best parts already included in it. The kit can be dropped into any Tokyo Marui / KJ Works M1911 / MEU Series gas blowback Airsoft pistol for instant results. The set includes an alloy Hop-Up unit, 60 Degree hop-up rubber and Crazy Jet Inner barrel for high performance and improved accuracy. This is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their pistol with minimum effort.

  • 70° HOP Bucking
  • For Hi-Capa Pistols
  • 6.02mm Inner Barrel

An aftermarket upgrade/replacement Inner Barrel and HOP Unit/Rubber for Hi-Capa Series Airsoft Pistols, specifically the Army Armament R601. This awesome package provides you with a Precision 6.02mm Inner Barrel, as well as a HOP Chamber, ML 70° Bucking and 'I-Key Delayer', to improve range, accuracy and precision.

The installation of this unit is relatively straightforward, and will be compatible with beginner/experienced techs.

  • Extremely Stable
  • CNC Hop-Up Unit
  • Precision Adjustment

A highquality replacement Hop-Up unit designed and created by Action Army to fit TM Spec VSR / BAR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, to enhance and perfect the performance of the weapon.

  • Tight Adjustment
  • Uni-body Design
  • Range Increase

This is an official aftermarket Airsoft Hop-up Unit for the ASG Scorpion Evo, made by none other than ASG themselves! This awesome unit is constructed from a single piece of CNC 'Aerospace' Aluminium, and states it will yield a 20% increase in range and accuracy. It is also said to be tailored to Flat Hop and R-Hop setups, if you have already made this modification. If you haven't done this modification, don't worry, it will still give you performance benefits.

  • Polymer construction
  • For CM.041K and CM.041PDW
  • Replacement original CYMA part

If you have damaged your HOP-up unit and are looking for a replacement, CYMA are now offering their original HOP-up units as an aftermarket part. This unit is for the CM.041K and CM.041PDW AEGs, but will not fit the full sized CM.041 AEGs. The unit is constructed from polymer and comes complete other than the HOP-up rubber. The HOP unit, slider, c-clip and HOP nub are all included, so if you have lost or damaged one of these bits you are in luck!

  • Hop Up Nub
  • Concaved Design
  • Improves Accuracy

The Maple Leaf Delayer OMEGA Nub is a HOP UP Rubber Nub For Airsoft Hop Up Units, it matches the shape of the BB to increase accuracy and overall performance of your airsoft gun. The nub gives more contact area to the BB and provides a precise amount of pressure around the BB instead of just on the top.

  • Includes Bucking
  • For Marui Style AEG
  • For M130-150 Spring

A replacement hop up rubber and bucking designed for m130-150 springs, but can also be used for low FPS builds with heavyweight BB. 

  • Wide contact patch
  • For TM VSR and GBB
  • Silicone construction - cold resistance built-in!

Maple Leaf has quickly risen to become the market leader in HOP-up rubbers and inner barrels, and the Maple Leaf Decepticon bucking is no exception. The design of the Decepticon bucking features a narrower entrance to help the BB feed in a consistent spot with each cycle, and a contact patch with a refined shape intended to provide more consistent lift across the entire upper surface of the BB for greater accuracy than standard HOP buckings. This particular bucking is made from silicone, offering greater resistance to temperature changes than rubber equivalents, making it especially useful for a gas blowback rifle or accurized GBB pistol.

About Our Airsoft Hop Up Units & Buckings

Looking to upgrade your Airsoft gun to attain maximum range? Our Airsoft hop-ups and buckings transform your replica’s backspin to give you the trajectory you’ve been dreaming of. 

We have a range of brands and designs to choose from. From Maple Leaf buckings to Modify rubber hop-ups, you can equip yourself with the right attachment for a clean, straight shot every time. So get ready to take out your enemies from afar with incredible accuracy from our Maple Leaf bucking, and explore options for all weather conditions. 

Maple Leaf buckings are ideal for modifying your rifle, thanks to their concave contact surface to increase backspin. For spare airsoft hop-ups to maintain your piece, you’ll find units with varied hardness levels, air seals and bucking contact. To learn more, check out our handy Airsoft Hop Up Bucking Guide.

We stock options for all types of weapons too, including Airsoft M4 hop-up units, as well as offering some of the best names in the field such as G&G Armament, Guarder Airsoft and ASG. You’ll find a range of accessories and attachments to improve the precision of your shots too, like holographic, reflex and red dot sights.