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  • Fix Leaky Magazines
  • Remove Valves Safely
  • Alternative To Buying New Mags

A handy tool that lets you remove magazine valves without damaging them. An essential piece of kit for those with leaky magazines, and would rather get their hands dirty than buy a new magazine.

From £7.99
  • Three Designs
  • Ideal Gaming Mat
  • Organise Your Mess

A must-have item for any wannabe Airsoft tech; these handy tech mats are not only a pleasure to look at, but make any tech job an easier and more organised affair.

  • Bits Included
  • Easy Set & Read
  • 1 Inch/lb Increments

If you have an optic that you care about, it needs to be mounted to the correct Torque Settings to prevent damage down the line. The Torque Wrench Mounting Kit from Vortex is adjustable to specific Torque settings in 1 inch/lb increments, and comes supplied with several bits to send you on your way.

  • Easily Adjust HOP
  • Strong, Durable Nylon
  • More Precise Adjustment

Specially designed by Airtech Studios for the ASG Scorpion Evo Airsoft replica this custom hop-up adjustment wheel is designed to replace the stock part inside the hop-up unit to improve the overall performance of the weapon by allowing for quicker, easier, and more precise adjustments.

  • Save Time
  • For All Gearboxes
  • Strong, Durable Nylon

Calling all living room techs! This vital tool will save you time, potential hair loss and keep your blood pressure at a more nominal level when working on Airsoft gearboxes.

  • For EFCS AEGs
  • Battery Not Included
  • MOSFET Programmer

A handy device that lets you reprogram the fire selector of any Ares product that has the Electronic Fire Control System .

  • M/S & FPS
  • Memory Function
  • Adjustable Backlight

Test the output velocity of your weapon in both Meters Per Second (M/S) and Feet Per Second (FPS) - a vital tool for those who work on their own weapons or like to be prepared well before game day.

  • High Performance
  • Measure Gun Power
  • Displays FPS and M/S

If you're an Airsoft Tech and you've not already got a Chronograph, why not? This chronograph is specifically designed to measure the speed of BBs as they leave the weapon allowing you to check if weapons are safe to use at an Airsoft Site.