Airsoft Loadouts: CTSFO

Airsoft Loadouts: CTSFO

CTSFO - Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers

The CTSFO ( Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers ) SCO19 Are an Elite Unit of British Armed Police Firearms Officers Established in 2012 tasked with the capability to respond to terror related incidents and attacks, in order to provide a higher level of security than regular AFO's. CTSFO's operate in a low-visibility grey uniform and are famous within the Firearms and Airsoft community for their modern choice of equipment, the most famous of which being the SIG Sauer MCX 5.56x45 Carbine and the 9x19mm GLOCK 17.

The CTSFO do an amazing job for us here in the United Kingdom and man do they look cool while doing it. Rocking a low-visibility grey urban uniform accompanied by Modern Tactical Equipment and Firearms adorned in Tacticool accessories, the Counter Terrorist loadout is every Tactical-Nerd and Gun Nut's dream. So In this Loadout Blog we're going to take a good hard look at the Gear, Guns & Equipment used by the CTSFO and how YOU can replicate the look for yourself. 

The Primary


The Sig Sauer MCX Carbine is an adaptation of the MPX Platform, which offers a longer overall length, larger 5.56x45mm caliber (meaning it accepts regular old M4/STANAG Magazines) as well as some furniture upgrades to make the platform as effective as it is good-looking. The MCX holds many features that make the platform an ideal candidate for our guys in grey, such as a highly effective heat dissipating handguard fitted with M-LOK sections for the addition of tactical accessories such as Torches, Lasers, Foregrips and other illumination devices like PEQ Boxes as well as a retractable SIG stock which wen combined together make for a highly ergonomic platform, essential for fast target acquisition.  The MCX received an endless amount of praise from the Firearms community of shooters all over the world, and it wasn't long until the Weekend Operators caught a scent of the modern masterpiece and demanded an Airsoft Replica to fill the void in their imitation armoury. 

The Airsoft Replica of the MCX is fully licensed by Sig Sauer and produced by VFC, including their Avalon Gearbox. The Airsoft MCX certainly doesn't refrain from feeling as close to the real thing as possible, built to a 1:1 scale with all furniture and features to match, from the SIG style Pistol Grip to the unique concaved ejection port and 3-prong flash hider, it's safe to say this replica went from reel steel to real feel. 

The Attachments

The Secondary


The GLOCK 17 is a polymer framed, short recoil operated locked-breech semi automatic pistol produced & manufactured in Austria and since 1982 has become the most popular pistol in the world. The pistol has seen service in over 45 countries & is currently in use by the United States Police, British Armed Forces and Armed Police Units, as well as many other security & contractor companies. The GLOCK is not only popular within Law Enforcement, it is also a favoured option among civilians, available in a multitude of calibres, sizes & styles the GLOCK is a go to for it's simplicity, ease of use & most importantly, reliability.

The Airsoft GLOCK 17 itself is built just as the real one is, featuring a lightweight, strong & reliable alloy slide which provides the end user with a realistic and authentic recoil / reloading experience, combined with a reinforced polymer frame featuring finger groves for added comfort & ergonomics and a stippled pistol grip thus providing improved traction with the contact surface. These factors also apply to the serrated slide, with six vertical serrations along the backside of the slide this allows for improved manipulation & increased grip regardless as to whether your hands are wet or sweaty. Fully Licensed by UMAREX with official GLOCK trademarks along the slide and frame making it a must have addition to your CTSFO Loadout.  

The Gear

Uniform & Clothing

The CTSFO are renown for their Low Visibility Urban Grey Uniform, not only is it highly effective within urban settings and darker environments, it also looks tacticool AF, after all looking cool is what's important here right? We've compiled together a selection of products that we feel best represents the gear worn by the guys in grey so you can rock that Counter Terror Loadout at your next Sunday Skirmish.

Further Accessories such as Eye Protection and Face Protection would of course be entirely subjective as it depends what you like the look and feel of, you can browse our EYE PRO Buying Guide HERE! But now you've got a good idea as to what gear you need to achieve your dream SCO19 Metropolitan Counter Terrorist loadout, so be sure to stock up on Ammo for your MCX and get ready for your next Airsoft Skirmish, Law Enforcement style.