CYMA Tactical Extended Fire Selector Lever for AK47/74 AEG

Code: FBP4101
  • Steel construction
  • Extended "Tactical" design
  • Select fire modes with your trigger finger!

If you want to add some tactical trimmings to your AK an extended fire selector would be a good call. The CYMA Tactical Extended Fire Selector Lever for AK47/74 AEG is constructed from stamped steel and is a modernised design with a cutout for the AK bolt handle and a ledge that can be used to select fire modes from a firing grip.

With this selector installed you no longer need to take your hand off the pistol grip to select your fire mode; simply move the new selector using the ledge and your trigger finger. This makes a massive difference when it comes to handling an AK and allows it to go toe to toe with the AR platform in ergonomics and efficiency. A perfect item for any Tactical AK or PMC style custom AK build, this selector lever not only looks super slick but also makes your AK super slick to use!

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  • Steel construction
  • Cutout for bolt handle - No use for AEGs but looks cool
  • Folded ledge - Allows you to change fire modes from a firing grip
  • Compatible with most AK47/74 platform AEGs

Package Includes

  • CYMA Tactical Extended Fire Selector Lever for AK47/74 AEG



External Part Type
Fire Selector
Package Includes
fire selector
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Patrol Base - Warning Icon
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Approx. 0.026kg

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AK, Assault Rifle,