Double Bell VSR-10 (Real Wood)

Double Bell
  • Real Wood
  • 20mm Railed
  • 545FPS w/ 0.2g

A spring-powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is based on the highly successful and widely compatible VSR-10 model. Coming out of the box at 545FPS w/ 0.2g BBs with a smooth cycling bolt and Real Wood furniture, this is the ideal Sniper Rifle for someone who wants maximum realism and minimal setup / fuss.

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The Double Bell VSR-10 (Real Wood) is manufactured with a Real Wood Stock, and features an Alloy Outer Barrel Assembly and Receiver / Bolt Assembly. This brings the Rifle to a very solid 2.7kg and also makes it as robust as an Airsoft Sniper Rifle can get. It is a VSR-10 design which means it is widely compatible with a huge range of aftermarket accessories, modifications and parts, making it a great choice for those looking for a platform for a project Sniper Rifle. It is also an ideal Rifle for those who want to pull it out of the box and use it, with it coming out of the box firing 545FPS w/ 0.2g BBs.

As a Spring Powered Rifle, it is very easy to use. Simply load the Magazine with BBs using the included Speedloader and install it into the Rifle by pushing it into place. To load a BB into the chamber, just lift the Bolt Handle and pull it to the rear of the Rifle until it clicks and locks at the rear. Push the Bolt forward and back down into its closed position and the Rifle is ready to fire; ensure your safety is off and squeeze the Trigger! The Trigger Lock Safety can be found just behind the Bolt Handle and only needs pulling backwards to block the Trigger. The Adjustable HOP Unit can be adjusted by moving the Slider found between the Barrel and Stock, near the Magazine well. This applies backspin to your BBs and help them stay in the air for longer, which is especially effective when combined with heavyweight BBs (0.30g+).

The top of the Rifle features a 20mm Rail which can be used to install Sights and Scopes to really maximise your performance on the field. Ideally suited to a Magnified Optic, this rail can be used to mount anything from a Red Dot Sight to a 9-24x50mm Hunting Scope. The end of the Outer Barrel Assembly features a 14mm CCW Thread, which only needs the Thread Protector unscrewing from the Rifle to access. It will then accept any standard Airsoft Suppressor, which can be used either for looks, to dampen the muzzle report of the Rifle or to hide an Inner Barrel Extension. On the underside of the Stock you will find a Sling Loop at the front and rear, for the connection of traditional slings, as well as a Harris Bipod Lug for (you guessed it...) a Harris Style Bipod such as ASG Universal Bipod w/ 20mm Rail Adapter. The rear of the Rifle has a thick Rubber Butt Pad which is comfortable and provides good grip when shouldered, to help you make every shot count.

Included in the box is the Rifle itself, a 25rnd Magazine and a Speedloader. If you're looking for a highly realistic Spring Sniper Rifle which can accept a huge range of aftermarket goodies, and also comes out of the box at the absolute peak of the power limit, then the Double Bell VSR-10 (Real Wood) is absolutely ideal.


  • Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Spring Powered
  • Smooth Bolt Action
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Alloy Outer Barrel Assembly
  • Alloy Receiver & Rail
  • 20mm Railed Receiver
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Thick Rubber Butt Pad
  • Front & Rear Sling Loops
  • Harris Style Bipod Lug
  • Stock Shaped for Cheek
  • 25rnd Magazine
  • Trigger Lock Safety
  • 545FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
  • Out of The Box Sniper Rifle
  • Hugely Compatible w/ Upgrades
  • VSR-10 Compatibility

Package Includes

  • Double Bell VSR-10 (Real Wood)
  • 25rnd Magazine
  • Speedloader
  • User Manual



Weapon Construction External
Weapon Type
Snipers Rifle
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Icon UKARA - United Kingdom Airsoft Retailer Association
Defence / UKARA Required
Yes, No,
FPS Icon
FPS (Feet Per Second), using 0.20g BB
Approx. 545fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB
Screwdriver Icon
Included Items
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Speed Loader
Skill Level Icon
User Skill Level
Regular Player

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 2.7kg
Weapon Length Collapsed
Length (Collapsed)
Weapon Length Extended
Length (Extended)


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Primary Colour
Real wood
Real Wood
Two Tone Icon
Pre Two-Toned
Construction Icon
Alloy outer barrel assembly, receiver and bolt handle. Real Wood stock. Rubber butt pad.
Weapon Construction External
External Construction
Real Wood
Gearbox Icon
Internal Construction

Weapon Specific

Power Source Icon
Powered By
Blowback Icon
Weapon Platform
VSR / Bar10
Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
VSR / Bar10
Fire Select Icon
Fire Selector
Bolt Action
Weapon Safety Features Icon
Safety Features
Trigger Lock
Shooter Configuration Icon
Shooter Configuration
Right Handed
Weapon Configuration Icon
Weapon Configuration
Bolt Action
Weapon Scale Icon
Weapon Scale
Suggested BB Weight


Hop-Up Unit Icon
Hop-Up Unit
Hop-Up Unit Adjuster Icon
Hop-Up Adjuster
Hop-Up Unit Location Icon
Hop-Up Location
Externally accessible by handguard


Weapon Furniture Icon
  • Railed Receiver
  • Harris Bipod Lug
  • Threaded Outer Barrel
Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Sling Plate Icon
Sling Options


Icon Thread Type
Outer Barrel Thread Type
Icon Thread Direction
Outer Barrel Thread Direction
CCW (Counter Clockwise)
Outer Barrel Thread Size

Magazine Specific

Magazine Type
Spring Loaded, Sniper Rifle,
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 25 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader
Magazine BB Fill Location

Product Testing Data

Notepad Icon
Test Description
Notepad Icon
Tested Using
ASG Blaster 0.20g BBs
Notepad Icon
Test Date

Detailed Power Tests

FPS, using 0.20g BB
Approx. 545fps, using 0.20g BB

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