EARMOR M52 PTT with Kenwood/Baofeng Plug

Code: M52-KEN
  • Kenwood / Baofeng Compatible
  • Optional Remote Finger Button
  • MilSpec Nexus TP-120 U-174 Compatible

A MilSpec TP-120 U-174 compatible PTT (Push To Talk) designed to work with the Earmor M32/M32H headset, or other compatible systems. Optional remote finger button included.

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The M52 PTT (Push to talk), when used in conjunction with a compatible radio and headset, allows you to communicate with other radio users without having your comm-line open permanently. Using this product, your communication is only broadcast when you hold down the button on the side of the PTT. The unit features a large rubberised clip on the rear, which should provide plenty of hold to keep it attached to your rig in your desired location. Also included is an optional M50 remote finger push button with an extension line of 1.2 meters. This should be long enough to route down your sleeve, so you can mount the button on your hand/finger for easy activation whilst skirmishing. This particular M52 PTT is design to work with Kenwood/Baofeng radios.

The M52 PTT is designed to work with the Earmor M32/M32H Hearing Protector system or other MilSpec Nexus TP-120 U-174 compatible systems  (e.g. MSA Sordin, 3M Peltor, etc.)


  • MilSpec Nexus TP-120 U-174 compatible
  • 84cm radio connector cable
  • Compatible with Kenwood/Baofeng radios
  • Secondary, removable remote finger button
  • Talk to teammates without touching your radio

Package Includes:

  • Earmor - M52 PTT with Kenwood/Baofeng Plug
  • Optional M50 remote finger push button



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Radio Accessory
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Over 18

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Approx. 0.104kg
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Approx. 92cm


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Customer reviews

3.5 / 5
2 reviews for EARMOR M52 PTT with Kenwood/Baofeng Plug
Trustpilot customer reviews
Written on 28/05/2023
Does not recieve sound
Rated 2 out of 5
Nick Koziel
Written on 12/11/2022
Great system, would recommend. Keel in mind if you use it with Baofeng radio, you'll have to jam in there hard or make the holes on radio bigger as the rain proofing prevents full connection between PTT and the radio
Rated 5 out of 5