EmersonGear Gen. 3 Combat Uniform

  • Mil-Spec Ripstop
  • Integrated Kneepads
  • Kneepad Height Adjust

This Combat Uniform from EMERSONGEAR are the latest in their line of manoeuvrable and tough Assault Uniforms which are comfortable to wear, and offer long lasting performance due to their design and materials. If you're looking to upgrade your loadout, and you want to operate and maximum efficiency, the EMERSONGEAR Gen. 3 Combat Uniform is just the ticket.

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The latest line of Combat Uniform from EMERSONGEAR offers amazing comfort and durability with a Mil-Spec 35/65 NYCO Ripstop, and lightweight elastic material in high-stress areas where pants would normally rip. This is super useful to those of us who like to wear lots of kit, and this can snag and tear your clothing as you move around the field. With a soft core and Ripstop arms, the Upper Shirt is comfortable to wear and also provides protection from BB hits on the arms. The integrated, Rubberised Knee Pads also allow you to take up a kneeled position without worrying about kneeling on BBs, which is incredibly painful if you haven't already experienced that. It sounds like a small thing, but being able to confidently take up a shooting position without having to hesitate is vastly underrated. The Knee Pads also feature adjustable height, so that you can be sure the uniform will work for you. There are also integrated flaps to cover up the Knee Pad areas when they're not installed.

As you would expect from a Combat Uniform, there are plenty of pockets, from Main Cargo and Zipped Pockets to Cyalume/Pen Pockets on the ankles. There are even Velcro Cuff/Tensioners at the Knees, Ankles and Wrists, so that you can achieve the perfect fit. The UBACS (Top) has pouches which can be used to insert Speedsoft-style Padding if you want extra protection on your forearms. There are also Arm Pockets with Velcro Panels on them for the use of patches. If you're looking for a complete new loadout, and you want to be manoeuvrable whilst still staying breezy, the EMERSONGEAR Gen. 3 Combat Uniform is exactly what you're looking for.


  • Mil-Spec Ripstop
  • Elastic in Stress Areas
  • Integrated Rubberised Knee Pads
  • Ankle/Wrist/Knee Tensioners
  • Adjustable Knee Pad Height
  • Multiple Cargo Pockets
  • Zipped Rear Pockets
  • Double Layer Seat
  • Padded Waistband
  • Velcro Waist Adjustment
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Arm Armour Pouches
  • 2 x Arm Pockets
  • Velcro Panels on Arm Pockets

Package Includes

  • Gen. 3 Combat Uniform
  • Rubberised Knee Pads



Trousers, UBACS,
Colour Wheel Greyscale
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Patrol Base | Multicam Black
Multicam Black
Tropic Multicam
Multicam Tropic
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Approx. 1.5kg
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Mil-Spec 35/65 NYCO Ripstop

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