EMERSONGEAR Ghillie Rifle Cover

Product code: CS-301
  • 28 Individual Camo Strips
  • Great For Awkward Spaces
  • Build Your Dream Rifle Wrap

For Airsofters who like to be sneaky and remain hidden from sight, this is the ghillie kit for you!  Contains everything you need to ensure that your Airsoft gun is disguised and hidden. 

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Included in the pack are 28 individual thick strips of material that can be posed or frayed and then attached to your rifle to break up the outline of your weapon, but still be fully fuctional. When trying to operate under the radar, your weapon is an important item to conceal as the human eye identifies a weapon very easily. Ghillie style jackets and wraps add a 3D layer to your camouflage, creating shadows which are much more natural and blend you into the surrounding terrain far better than standard camouflage. As shadows consistently occur in natural enviroments the human eye is more likely to disregard a target that has shading and depth rather than a particular solid colour of camouflage. This rifle wrap set is 'Desert' themed, and so has a blend of tan, khaki and brown shades.


  • 28 individual 45cm strips of material
  • Each strip has a random amount of toning/shading
  • Build your rifle wrap to your own spec
  • Elastic securing strap included
  • Strips can be frayed for great detail and blend
  • Great for wrapping around scopes and awkward places
  • Truly blend into your environment
  • Adds shading to your profile which standard camouflage can not

Package Includes:

  • Ghillie Rifle Cover



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Foliage Green
One Size Fits All


Material Icon
Nylon, Polyester,

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