Empire EVS Hex Full Face Airsoft Mask; Thermal Ninja/Clear Lenses

Empire Paintball
Code: 21721
  • Full face protection
  • Dual lens for anti-fog properties
  • Includes clear and tinted lenses

Empire is a big name in the paintball world, but with their latest release, they have decided to target the better of the two combat shooting sports, Airsoft of course! The EVS Full Face mask is constructed with a rigid polymer shell with a rubber over mould, with lightweight foam with mesh inserts for cooling surrounding the ears. The mask comes with a tinted dual lens pre-installed, and a clear dual lens in the box, meaning whether the sun is out at the woodland site, or you are stalking through a dark CQB site, you will have a great view of your targets.

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The Empire EVS is a very advanced design, building on feedback from their earlier designs and other rival masks such as the Dye i5 series to provide a comfortable and secure yet flexible mask with superb optical clarity and a 270° field of view through the massive front lens.

This is the "Hex" version, featuring a futuristic hex camouflage pattern finish with a similar colour pallet to multicam black. Packaged with a clear lens and a Ninja lens, the EVS gives you the option to quickly switch out your clear lens for the tinted Ninja lens to cope with changing ambient lighting conditions. 

This mask is held onto your head by a combination of a helmet-style chinstrap and a goggle style elasticated strap, ensuring the mask stays safely on your head and does not move around as you do. This strap is fully adjustable and would suit practically any head size while remaining comfortable. This mask is larger in overall form when compared to the Dye i5, providing more protection under the chin. The mask also has a more aggressive look than the i5, akin to that of a future solider or Halo ODST.

One of the main areas Empire chose to focus on for the EVS was breathability, which was recognised as a weakness of many full face mask designs, both for Airsoft and paintball. The lower face shield of the EVS is made from flexible yet robust rubber with angled breathing ports on either side and further triangular ports in the centre. The side ports are angled in a way which allows them to be relatively large whilst preventing any BBs from coming through. The centre ports are relatively wide, and for close range encounters, Empire has included an insert which can be clipped in to close off some of these ports, and reduce their size to prevent any possibility of BB fragments coming through.

The EVS is supplied with two lenses; one clear and one tinted, known as the "Ninja lens". Both of these lenses are dual lenses which help resist fogging. Both lenses supplied have a scratch-resistant and anti reflective coating which blocks out harmful UVA/B radiation, and prevents glare from giving your location away. The lenses can be quickly swapped out thanks to the EVS's toolless quick swap lens system, so if the sun goes down you can run to the safe zone, swap lenses and be back in time for some more kills! Inside the mask, you will find two pull arms, one on either side of the lens. With this arms pulled out the lens can simply be lifted out and swapped.

The internal foam padding inside the EVS is very soft and comfortable, meaning no matter what your head size you will have an easy time wearing this premium mask. The foam is also hypoallergenic meaning no need to worry about it irritating sensitive skin. Surround the ears the EVS features thermoformed ear padding, which protects your ears from BB strikes whilst allowing you to hear perfectly thanks to the mesh ports allowing sound through. Those of you that have been paintballing will know many paintball masks cause communication issues due to covering the ears and reflecting the wearer's voice directly back into their ears inside the mask due to a rigid polymer face piece. We are happy to report that this is not an issue with the EVS, thanks to its considerate design and rubber face piece.

Hot on the heels of the Dye i5, the Empire EVS is one of the best full face options out there for Airsofters, and is built to last many years of safe fun. If you fancy some high quality full face protection to keep you looking pretty but don't want the i5 "speed softer" look, the EVS fits the bill!


  • Distortion free spherical lens - 270° field of vision
  • Dual lens construction - Anti-fogging properties
  • Quick swap lenses - Clear and tinted included, swap in seconds!
  • Rubber face piece/skirt - Flexible, comfortable and tough!
  • Breathing ports on either side and at the centre
  • Insert for CQB to reduce breathing port size included
  • Comfortable and wide fully adjustable head strap
  • Helmet style chin strap for added security
  • Thermo-formed ear protection - Mesh ports for better audio
  • Includes protective microfibre carry bag
  • Soft hypoallergenic foam interior - Very comfortable
  • Cooler looking than the Dye i5 (we think so, anyway!)

Package Includes

  • Empire EVS Hex Full Face Airsoft Mask; Thermal Ninja/Clear Lenses
  • Clear Lens
  • Ninja Lens
  • Microfibre carry bag
  • User manual
  • Airsoft insert



Tactical Equipment Type
Face Protection
Face Protection Type
Full Face
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.432kg
Product Height
Approx. 21cm
Product Length
Approx. 24cm
Product Width
Approx. 20cm


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Item Colour
Hex Pattern
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Polymer with rubber over mould. Polycarbonate lenses. Foam internal padding, nylon fabric chin strap and elasticated head band.
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  • Nylon
  • Rubber
  • Polymer
  • Polycarbonate
  • Foam