Buying Guide: Suppressors

Buying Guide: Suppressors

The Short Version

In this article we will be breaking down the main types of accessories and attachments into a (hopefully) easy-to-digest buying guide, to help the clueless gift buyer and new Airsofter alike. Today we’re talking suppressors, what they’re about and how to get the right one.

Why do I need one?

  • They look awesome
  • They help hide longer inner barrels
  • They can change your Airsoft Gun’s sound
  • They help add realism

How do I make sure I’m getting the right thing?

  • Email us and ask
  • Ask your gift-ee what replica/thread they have
  • Check our detailed specifications tab on each product
  • Use the Google machine

Will I need an adaptor?

  • Probably not, but always check first
  • If you’re buying for a rifle, it will probably need to be 14mm CCW(-)
  • If you’re buying for a pistol, you’ll probably need an 11mm to 14mm Adaptor
Halo Proving Grounds

The Long Version

Why Should I Buy a Suppressor?

Suppressors are a safe Christmas purchase for any Airsoft gun, as they can be low priced, are easy to fit and there is a wide range to ensure that it will work with your replica. The addition of a suppressor can dramatically improve the looks of any Replica Imitation, but can also be used to hide an extended inner barrel, which can give the Airsoft Gun more range and consistency. Not only this, but they look awesome and even if the recipient doesn’t use it during a Skirmish, they can use it for display purposes. There’s a wide range available from £9.99 all the way to £79.99, with lots of options in between.

How Do I Buy the Right One?

To be sure that you are buying the correct Suppressor, you will need to know the ‘thread’ of the Airsoft Gun it is attaching to. You can easily find this out by either asking the person you are buying for, looking on our website for up-to-date specifications or by contacting us to enquire what will fit. When looking at a product on our website, the ‘Specification’ button will show you all the available information we have about a product, including everything from Rail Types to Thread specifications.

Website Specs

What Do I Do With This Info?

The ‘thread’ is where the suppressor attaches, and screws on just like a Nut & Bolt would. The most important bit is the diameter of the thread, as this determines the ‘type’ of suppressor you can attach. Roughly 95% of Airsoft Guns feature a 14mm thread, which is the standard for most, if not all Assault Rifles. Other more ‘niche’ weapons (ones that aren’t common) may feature a bigger thread simply to closer replicate the real thing. The only thing you need to worry about is that the thread size of the suppressor matches the thread size of the Airsoft Gun (i.e. 14mm suppressor for a 14mm thread).

The next important thing is the thread pattern, which will either be Counter Clockwise (Negative) or Clockwise (Positive) and both threads need to MATCH. A CCW suppressor is NOT compatible with a CW thread and will be damaged trying to install it. Again, 95% of Airsoft Guns run a CCW (Negative) thread, however there are some exceptions such as ARES branded guns which typically feature a CW (Positive) thread.

The thread type is quite simply whether the thread on the Airsoft Gun sticks out or is sunken inside the barrel. Typically all rifles have a ‘Male’ thread and require a ‘Female’ Suppressor, however you will find that on WE branded Pistols it is a Female thread, meaning you need a ‘Male’ Suppressor unless you purchase an adaptor.

FMA Spook Silencer
Nuprol Bocca Suppressor
Swiss Arms Suppressor
Swiss Arms Suppressor

Adaptors – Do I Need One?

If you have a different thread to normal, you may need an adaptor to install a Suppressor. These come in all shapes and sizes so you can almost guarantee that you can attach most Suppressors to any replica. The most common thread adaptor is what we use for pistols which have a ‘Female’ (inverse) thread, and will instead give you a normal 14mm CCW thread like you can find on any Airsoft rifle. This lets you use normal rifle Suppressors on a pistol, however we only recommend using lightweight Suppressors on Pistols as there is only a small contact area to handle the weight. There are many other types of adaptors such as barrel extensions, which will increase the length of your thread – very handy for when a Suppressor can’t fit inside a rail system!

Pistol Thread Adaptor
Swiss Arms Rail Gun Adaptor
14mm CNC Thread Adaptor
Rifle Barrel Thread Adaptor

What Is A Tracer Unit?

If you want to get more out of your suppressor, then consider a Tracer Unit. This device lights up BBs leaving the barrel to help see where you are aiming and what you have hit; however, it needs special ‘Tracer BBs’ to function. These BBs are only a little bit extra over standard BBs, but can totally change the dynamic of a dark skirmish and help you identify hits you’ve made on other players. This is a great purchase for Airsofters who are forever claiming that they ‘definitely hit that guy over there’. Just like Suppressors, you need to be sure you have the correct thread on your replica to fit them.

ASG B&T Tracer
DYTAC Blast Mini Tracer
XCortech Tracer Unit
Nuprol 2.0 Tracer BBs

WE Mock Suppressor Kit

A slightly different option for those who run WE branded gas pistols is the WE Mock Suppressor & Inner Barrel Kit, which I felt deserved its’ own section as it is way more than just a suppressor! This kit includes a lightweight suppressor which is designed to fit on pistols, but also comes with an extended inner barrel which will improve power to roughly 400FPS and also consistency.

Some light technical skills are recommended for this product, as the installation of the inner barrel will require a HOP unit disassembly. It is far less daunting than it sounds, however incorrect installation could harm performance so it is best to know what you are doing. No adaptor is required for this suppressor to fit to a WE pistol as it is threaded to attach straight onto the barrel.

This is a great purchase for Airsofters who love their WE pistol and want to start using it as longer range as a primary weapon rather than a backup. Just be aware of the power increase from installing this kit, as it means that indoor sites likely won’t let you use it due to the high power.

WE Mock Suppressor

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