Cheaper than a new sight: Airsoft Lens Protectors!

Buying Guide: Airsoft Lens Protectors

We all know that player (this could even be you!) that loves to buy new and expensive optics for their Airsoft gun just to have them shot out the very next skirmish day. No matter how carefully you play, there is no accounting for the unforeseen! 

Unless you've got a Vortex Optic with an Unlimited Warranty chances are you'll have to buy a new optic if your objective lens gets shot out in a skirmish, so why not spend a few extra quid to protect it from being smashed? It's a no brainier in our books!

Picture this, you're in the middle of a really intense firefight, you can't tell where the BBs are flying, or what they'll hit. What would you rather smash? Your expensive and prized Airsoft sight, or a cheap lens shield? We know what we'd rather break!

Introducing the Patrol Base Airsoft Lens Protector, a device designed to mount to your 20mm Picatinny receiver rail and protect your glass from BB impacts!

Lens Sight Protection

What are they?

Designed to fit just in front of your sight, the Lens protector deflects incoming BBs and protects the Lenses of your red dot sight or scope. The lens protector can quickly and easily be attached to any Airsoft gun with a 20mm RIS / RAS rail, is placed in front of the scope, and is easily affixed thanks to its screw-less design meaning the item can be hand fitted quickly in the safe zone if required.

The mount itself is constructed from alloy, making it durable and hard wearing, with a polymer Lens protection section which is clear and can easily seen through no matter the conditions.

What comes in the Package?

The Patrol Base Airsoft Lens Protector comes with one unit completely built, and comes packaged with an additional two covers which can be easily replaced if your first one becomes broken or damaged. To replace the lens cover simply use the included Allen key to remove the two front bolts, swap out the plate, and then screw it back into place.

When you work out the cost of each lens protector it should be very clear; losing a lens protector to incoming fire is considerably cheaper than losing an optical sight!

Any tips for the use of the Lens Protector?

If you never intend to flip down the sight and prefer to permanently have your sight protected you can place the protector on back to front. Using the protector back to front will allow the protector to be knocked over slightly when shot, absorbing some of the impact energy, to improve the lifespan of each protective lens. This helps you save even more money in the long run!

Simply put, as long as you don't mind the look then you can save a lot of money by protecting your optical sights rather than having them shot out. These lens protectors are essential for anyone who plays CQB where these kinds of accidents are likely to occur, or has an expensive optic and doesn't take chances!

While this article focuses on flip-up lens protectors, there are also several other types of lens protectors available on the Airsoft market, including the "Killflash" type, Hugger lens protectors and specific Lens protectors for holographic sights and other unconventional designs. 

If you are convinced you need to keep your optical sight safe, check out our lens protector selection via the button below!

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