Top Airsoft Gifts 2023

Top Airsoft Gifts 2023

Top 10 Airsoft Gifts for 2023

We Airsofters, like almost everyone else, love a gift! We also know how complex Airsoft can be to get your head around and are well aware of the minefield that awaits those who know nothing about Airsoft when it comes to buying Airsoft gifts. 

As such, we have compiled our top 10 gifts for Airsofters for 2023 so you can save time and avoid making costly buying mistakes!

8Fields Tactical Hydration Pack w/ Bladder

8Fields Tactical Hydration Pack with BladderHydration is an Airsoft skirmishing staple, especially for full-day operations! The 8Fields Tactical Hydration Pack with Bladder holds 1.5L of H₂O in liquid form and can be worn over tactical gear as a backpack, remaining accessible while your hands are busy thanks to the included water hose and bite valve.

The bladder can be filled via the large opening on the front and holds much more water than any cantine or water bottle that is practical to carry in game, making it perfect for those long summer skirmishes!

The set includes the hydration pack itself, a water bladder which is removable and easy to clean, and a water hose with bite valve which is removable and replaceable. The water hose is also protected from snags and BB hits with a protective fabric cover which also helps it blend with the surroundings.

8Fields Tactical Hydration Pack with Bladder - Bladder and hoseThe bladder can be used inside the supplied hydration pack, in a regular backpack or inside a back panel for a plate carrier, offering plenty of flexibility when it comes to how this essential piece of kit can be used. 

The outside of the hydration pack also features D-rings which allow it to be connected to webbing or tactical vests and a grab handle at the top it can be carried easily and ditched at respawn for those who like to run light and fast.

Why not give them something to drink other than pre-workout or energy drink? Hydration is the key to success on the skirmish field!

Highlander STOIRM Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Highlander STOIRM Tactical Soft Shell Jacket - BlackHighlander's STOIRM Tactical Soft Shell is a high quality, waterproof coat with a discrete tactical look, making it equally great for Airsoft skirmishes when the weather gets chilly as it is for taking the dog out for a walk.

The STOIRM soft shell is available in black, grey, olive green or coyote tan and has a plethora of pockets both externally and on the inside, secured by glove-friendly YKK branded zips to keep your valuables secure.

The lining of the STOIRM Soft Shell is super cosy, made from soft fleece material making for a uniquely comfortable and practical garment, both for Airsoft and outdoor pursuits.

Highlander STOIRM Tactical Soft Shell Jacket - Grey with Hood upThe STOIRM also features a pack-away hood, roll down sleeve extensions and zip-secured arm pit vents, meaning it can be adjusted to suit the ever-changing great British weather and keep your body temperature optimal for the task at hand.

When it comes to waterproofing, the STOIRM is the real deal. Unlike the Amazon special soft shells, this one is Teflon coated, boasting a 5000mm HH and 4000g/m2 MVP rating for waterproofing.

The STOIRM will see you well-equipped to handle any challenge, whether it is on a skirmish site, conquering Ben Nevis or simply popping down the shops!

Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case - Internal Size 32x21x7 | Internal Size 30.5x18.5x8.5 | Internal Size 23.5x16x4.6 

Why not help them keep their Airsoft collection neat and tidy? The Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case is available in three different sizes; ideal for keeping Airsoft pistols secure and out of the hands of those that shouldn't be playing with them!

Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case Internal Size 23.5x16x4.6The smallest option is our most budget-friendly pistol case, providing just enough space for the average Airsoft pistol and a spare magazine, complete with a built-in carry handle and padlock hole for extra security.

The inside is fitted with two pieces of wave foam, designed to hold Airsoft pistols of any shape securely, with no need to cut the foam to fit. While this case is designed for small and medium sized Airsoft pistols it can also be used to safely transport batteries, tools or other skirmish accessories which need to be handled delicately. 

Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case Internal Size 30.5x18.5x8.5The next size up, the 30.5x18.5x8.5cm option, has a bit more space for slightly larger pistols and two spare magazines, securely held in place by internal wave foam.

This case also boasts larger and stronger clasps for a stronger overall case and is also equipped with a padlock hole and built-in carry handle.

The wave foam inside the Evolution Airsoft Pistol Cases can also be removed entirely to make more space, or replaced with pick 'n' pluck foam for a more fitted look. 

Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case Internal Size 32x21x7The biggest of the three, the 32x21x7cm, uses the more basic locking clasps of the smallest model but has a bit more space inside, suitable for larger pistols such as the MK23 and Desert Eagle.

As with the other options, this case also includes a padlock hole, carry handle and internal wave foam, cushioning the items inside and keeping them stationary to avoid scratches and marks developing.

Whether it is to keep everything neat and tidy around the house, keep their RIFs secure from young ones who are not yet ready for Airsoft or simply for that ultra cool professional feeling of opening up their hard case to find their pride and joy snugly held inside, an Evolution Airsoft Pistol Hard Case is a great affordable gift for any Airsofter!

8Fields Tactical Double Rifle Gun Case 96cm

Airsoft Rifles need cases too! The 8Fields Tactical Double Rifle Gun Case can fit one standard-length rifle inside the main compartment and an SMG or folding stocked rifle in the secondary compartment. There is also a documentation pouch, ID panel and multiple pouches for batteries and magazines on the outside and the choice of using either the backpack straps, luggage carry handles or drag handle to carry it. 

8Fields Tactical Double Rifle Gun Case 96cm - Tan with front pocket open

As you can see, the Double Rifle Gun Case can easily fit a long rifle and a shorter rifle with a folding stock inside, minimising skirmish luggage and keeping everything neat and tidy when stored at home!

8Fields Tactical Double Rifle Gun Case - Tan with main compartment open

This is one of our favourite gun bags, both for its carrying capacity and very affordable price. If your Airsofter loved one likes to travel light or likes to bring multiple guns to each skirmish in a single bag, this is the one to go for!

8Fields Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads Altra Type

8Fields Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads set Altra TypeKnee and elbow pads are the type of kit many Airsofters forget to buy, but they remember quite quickly as soon as they kneel or crawl onto a BB or thorn!

The 8Fields Tactical Altra Type knee and elbow pads set includes a pair of knee pads and a pair of elbow pads, styled after a popular pad style used by real world operators.

The pad set is available in olive green, tan, black and multicam, and each set includes 2 knee pads and 2 elbow pads.

8Fields Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads set - Tan, rearThese pads are fully adjustable via the elasticated straps on the rear and each pad comprises both a hard polymer impact shield and soft foam padding for a great balance between rigidity and comfort.

The straps are flexible and nice and wide, avoiding the pitfalls of other knee/elbow pad designs which can become uncomfortable when worn for long durations.

Whether your Airsofter loved one likes to crawl in the woods or knee slide in the CQB site, getting padded up lets them play more aggressively without the prerequisite injury risk!

WADSN HEL-STAR 6 Gen III Helmet Marker

WADSN HEL-STAR 6 Helmet LightThe WADSN HEL-STAR 6 is based on the real HEL-STAR 6 which is commonly issued to Western special forces and mounted to helmets to allow for IFF (Identification: Friend or Foe) through night vision devices and from Aircraft.

The device requires a single CR123a cell (not included) to function and it is housed in the battery compartment on the rear, requiring a flathead screwdriver to access.

The position of the battery compartment keeps it well out of the way of dirt and debris ingress and should also help keep moisture out for long-term reliability in a variety of environments.

WADSN HEL-STAR 6 Helmet Light - Rear with VelcroInside the HEL-STAR 6 is an array of coloured, white and IR LEDs, meaning it can be used for team identification, distress signalling and even in Infrared mode for use with night vision devices.

Available in Red, Blue and Green colour options in both discete Black and tactical Tan, the HEL-STAR 6 is one of those bits of kit that really gets people talking on game day, especially those who appreciate attention to detail.

Equipped with velcro and including a self-adhesive velcro strip in the set, the WADSN HEL-STAR 6 is is ready to mount to a helmet or baseball cap right away and can be swapped between helmets quickly and easily as a bonus!

WADSN HEL-STAR 6 helmet light - Blue turned onActivation of the unit is controlled via a pair of switches, one to control the ON/OFF/FLASH function and one to select between visible and infrared lighting modes.

The HEL-STAR 6 is one of those small finishing touches that can transform an Airsoft loadout from run-of-the-mill to absolutely jaw-dropping and is perfect for almost any American, British or European special forces loadout.

If your Airsofter loved one is more experienced and into Milsim skirmishes, this would really make their day!

Viper Tactical Elite Gloves

The hands are probably one of the worst places to get shot when Airsofting, but some decent gloves can alleviate that! The Viper Tactical Elite Gloves are lined with a combination of Neoprene and fleece for maximum comfort and have a reinforced carbon fibre knuckle to prevent those painful hand shots in CQB. 

Viper Tactical Elite GlovesThe palms of the Elite Gloves are ventilated to help manage heat and the fingers are flexible enough to allow for the fine finger movements necessary to operate the controls of an Airsoft gun.

The Elite Gloves are available in black, olive green, tan or V-Cam (similar to MTP) pattern, meaning no matter what your loadout or environment, Viper have some gloves to suit.

While most Airsofters already have a pair of gloves, these will usually need replacing regularly as a high-wear piece of equipment. There is no harm in having an extra pair on hand (teehee), so why not treat your Airsofter loved one to a fresh pair of high quality tactical gloves?

RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K

When it comes to capturing epic Airsoft moments on film, there is no better tool than the RunCam Scope Cam 2. See below for a preview of what the RunCam can do, and bear in mind this is filmed at around 80m!

RunCam Footage from Dirty Dog Airsoft

This compact recording device mounts to any 20mm Picatinny rail, the most common accessory mounting option for Airsoft guns, and allows the user to film what they see through their sights and make kill compilation videos for social media or simply rewatch their footage for training and development purposes.

RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K - 40mm LensThe RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K offers the ability to capture video footage at various resolutions at different frame rates, all with the ability to wirelessly monitor your footage via a Phone/Tablet with the RunCam app.

This, the newest version of the RunCam, boasts a protective glass front lens now made from 3rd Generation Corning Gorilla Glass, making it far stronger than the original and absolutely up to the task of handling the rigours of an Airsoft skirmish.

The housing is now made from CNC machined aluminium, and the Scope Cam 2 also improves upon the original when it comes to battery life, power bank compatibility and waterproofing, boasting an IP67 rating so the show doesn't have to stop when the rain pours!

If your Airsofter loved one is looking to start their own Airsoft YouTube channel or wants to preserve their most intense gameplay moments on video, the RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K is absolutely perfect for the task and has been made with Airsoft in mind!

BBs! - ASG Blaster 0.2g 6mm BBs | ASG Blaster 0.25g 6mm BBsASG Blaster Devil 0.28g 6mm BBs

BBs are a very important resource for Airsofters, in case you couldn't guess that! We're always running out, and the more BBs we have on hand the more shooting we get to do! With that in mind, why not treat that Airsofter in your life to the Airsoft equivalent of socks and boxer shorts? We need them, but we hate buying them! 

Airsoft BBs

ASG's Blaster BBs are our most popular BB brand and most of us use them ourselves thanks to the great combination of tight tolerances, a precise, polished finish and cost-effectiveness. 

0.2g BBs are the perfect weight for close quarters skirmishes, 0.25g are great for both indoors and out and the 0.28g Blaster Devils are intended for long range shooting with high performance Airsoft guns, boasting even tighter tolerances than the original Blasters and a more polished surface for better accuracy. 

All of these BBs will work in any Airsoft Gun designed for 6mm BBs, which is practically all of them! For a sure hit 😉 of a present for an Airsofter, BBs are the way to go!

ExFog Antifog System | ExFog Helmet Pouch EHP 1.0

If you know an Airsofter and you have never heard them whinge about foggy goggles, lucky you! For the rest, you know too well how the plague of fog affects us, especially in summer. There are numerous tricks you can try to defeat the laws of physics and the sweaty human body, but none work as well as the Exfog Antifog System!

ExFog Anti Fog System - Cold Air UnitThe heart of the ExFog Antifog System is the ExFog cold air unit, a compact powered fan assembly which can be mounted to a helmet, goggle strap or worn on its own headband.

The cold air unit offers 3 different power settings ranging from a cool breeze to air-con levels of freshness and does it all without producing an overly loud report.

On the lowest setting, the fan is barely audible at all, meaning you don't need to deal with annoying buzzing noises distracting you mid game, just enjoy perfect clarity and the fog-free life!

The ExFog system is available in two different packages; the Essentials set and the Standard set. The Essentials set includes the bare minimum you require to get the ExFog up and running, including the Cold Air Unit, a food-grade PVC air hose, self-adhesive Velcro strips for mounting and a pair of manifolds allowing you to adjust the configuration of the unit to suit your needs. 

ExFog Anti Fog System - Standard SetThe Standard set includes everything that comes with the Essentials set and two additional mounting methods, known as the T-Band and H-Band.

The T-Band allows the ExFog system to be mounted to a pair of goggles with a strap built in, and the H-Band is designed to allow the ExFog to be worn alone, with glasses, a visor or any other face protection which doesn't have an attachment method built-in to directly mount the Exfog.

Whether running a helmet, full face mask or simply glasses and a baseball cap, the ExFog Standard Set has all bases covered!

ExFog Helmet Pouch in olive mounted to a FAST HelmetThe EHP 1.0 ExFog Helmet Pouch is an optional addition which can be used with either the Standard or Essentials set, providing protection for the ExFog unit itself and giving the whole package a neat and complete look.

The pouch is made from Nylon and is designed to allow the ExFog air hoses to be routed however you wish while providing easy access to the power switch and controls.

While not essential to use the unit, the Helmet Pouch is fitted specifically to the ExFog and comes with velcro backing and a velcro front panel, meaning you can still mount a hilarious morale patch to the rear of your helmet and keep your teammates smiling in any weather conditions, from the sweltering heat of summer to the frosty but still sweaty winter skirmishes!

So, there you have it! Our top 10 Airsoft gifts for 2023. Anything you see in this article should make a fine gift for any Airsofter, no matter their playstyle, but if you are unsure you can always get in touch with us or pop into our Showroom for more specific advice.