VORSK Green Gas Comparison: V6, V8, V12 - How do they stack up?

VORSK Green Gas Comparison: V6, V8, V12 - How do they stack up?

VORSK Gas Range - V6, V8, V12: How do they compare?

First, lets check out the results of our testing in this quick video. We used a RAVEN EU series pistol for our tests to keep things consistent and get a proper comparison. We tested our full gas range, including the NUPROL 1.0/2.0/3.0, Abbey 144a and Ultrair, and ASG Ultrair so we can get the full picture on where the VORSK gasses fit in. 

Vorsk Gas FPS Testing from Patrol Base on Vimeo.

V6 : Green Gas Equivalent - 175 PSI

VORSKs V6 green gas is designed for GBB pistols with a polymer side, and for use in summer with metal slide pistols. If your pistol has a polymer slide you may find V6 is a bit too potent in hot weather, and you would probably be better off using Abbey 144a or NUPROL 1.0. 

V6 is approximately equivalent to ASG and Abbey Ultrair and NUPROL 2.0 green gas in pressure, and gives similar results on the chronograph. V6 uses the same volume of silicone lubricant in its composition as most Airsoft green gasses, keeping your seals fresh and O-rings ready for action as long as you do your part!

VORSK V8 : Red Gas Equivalent - 190 PSI

V8 is slightly higher in pressure than V6, and is well suited to GBB pistols with a metal slide, or use in colder months approaching winter. We don't recommend using this gas in pistols with a polymer side, but most pistols with a metal slide should be fine using V8 in all but the hottest temperatures. 

When put to the test, V8 gave us similar FPS results to NUPROL 3.0 Red gas, sitting between NUPROL 2.0 and 3.0 in pressure. The V8 formula requires a reduced amount of lubricant to provide better performance in the accuracy and consistency departments, with the trade off of requiring slightly more frequent maintenance to keep the seals inside the gun fresh and ready for battle. 

VORSK V12 : High power Red Gas - 220 PSI

V12 is the highest pressure of the gasses in our comparison, edging out the mighty NUPROL 3.0 red gas by a few FPS to give nearly 350 FPS from a RAVEN EU series which shoots around 327 FPS on V6. With this in mind, we do not recommend using V12 in summer with most replicas as this may well result in your pistol shooting above site limits. V12 is a no go for GBB pistols with polymer sides as the added pressure will likely cause premature failure and cracking of the slide. 

V12 is intended for use in Gas Blowback Rifles, GBB SMGs, and pistols with heavy metal or steel slides, and really comes into its own in the winter months where other gasses simply cannot keep up. If you like to skirmish in the cold and you use a gas powered replica, V12 is what you need for those frosty woodland mornings, but don't use it in summer as it will be a tad spicy for most sites and the majority of GBB pistols. 

Like V8, V12 has even further reduced the volume of silicone lubricant in its composition to give you better accuracy and more HOP-up effect than V6 or other brands gasses which is essential for a primary weapon like a GBBR or GBB SMG. 

There you have it! You should now have a good idea of which of the VORSK gas range suits your replica the best, and your needs on the Airsoft battlefield. We have been very impressed with the VORSK gasses, and are appreciative of the option of using a gas with lower lubricant content to squeeze better accuracy from our setups and get a more stable HOP-up effect.

If you're not sure that VORSK gas is the right one for you, check out our blog post on Airsoft Gas Types And Maintenance

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