Big Dragon 1000rnd Crank BB Magazine Speed Loader

Big Dragon
Code: BD7485
  • Crank wound
  • 1000rnd Capacity
  • Fits M4/AR15 low/mid-cap magazines

If you're like some of us, and your thumb gets tired loading your 10 mid-cap loadout, this speed loader is what you need to alleviate that thumb ache! Introducing the 1000rnd BB Speed loader from Big Dragon. This loader is compatible with an M4/AR15 low or medium capacity magazine and is capable of effortlessly filling a magazine in just a few seconds with its crank-driven operation.

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The 1000rnd Speed Loader from Big Dragon is operated via a folding crank arm on the left side of the loader and provides unrivalled loading speed which is essential for loading up and getting back to the fight with haste. The loader is compatible with M4/AR15 mid/low-caps, which can be inserted into the bottom of the loader, similarly to inserting the magazine into your magazine well. To fill the loader, simply open the feed port on the top, and pour your BBs in. With the magazine locks in firmly, and with the feed port facing up, the magazine can be loaded easily in just a few seconds by turning the crank arm clockwise. The direction of turn is helpfully indicated with a recessed arrow marking, saving you the guesswork and trial and error in the middle of a heated skirmish! When your magazine is full, simply press the magazine release button on the opposite side to the crank arm, and your freshly loaded magazine can be removed!

This loader is especially useful for those of you who play fast-paced CQB skirmishes with mere minutes in between games to reload. If you use mid-caps you will recognize the pain of scrambling to refill your mags whilst the high-cap users chat and effortlessly pour BBs into their single magazine. Now after a few turns of the crank on this loader, you can join them for a chin wag and find out what makes those rattlers tick!


  • Effortless loading
  • 1000rnd Capacity
  • Crank wound - No thumb cramp!
  • Compatible with M4/AR15 low/medium capacity mags
  • Filled via a large fill window

Package Includes

  • Big Dragon Airsoft M4/AR-15 AEG 1000rnd BB Speed loader



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Magazine Accessory, Speed Loader,
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Approx. 0.201kg
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Approx. 18.5cm
Product Length
Approx. 6.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 5cm


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