GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Module; Rear Wired

  • Optical MOSFET
  • For Version 2 gearboxes
  • Loads of functions - Great value

If you're running an SMG-5, M4/AR-15 or any other AEG which uses a version 2 gearbox, the GATE ASTER™ MOSFET will take your AEG to the next level. This advanced electronic trigger unit replaces your conventional trigger contacts with optical sensors, allowing for 250 different trigger sensitivity settings, burst and binary fire modes and a plethora of other functions to be programmed in using either the trigger and fire selector or the Gate Control Station App. 

This is the MOSFET we use in our Bolster Tuned platforms due to its fantastic balance of cost-effectiveness and performance, offering incredible efficiency improvements even before you get into the programmable features and customisation options. As with all ETU/MOSFET systems, a certain amount of expertise will be required to install the ASTER™ so if you're not confident, we suggest seeking a technician to carry out the installation process for you. If you're ready to take your AEG's performance to the next level, you're ready for the ASTER™!

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The GATE ASTER™ V2 is the younger brother of the well-known TITAN™ V2. As the world's first 4th generation AEG Control System, the ASTER™ is designed for most AEGs with a V2 gearbox on the market, including stock, low- and mid-tuned AEGs and even for high-tuned guns when using the EXPERT firmware. The GATE ASTER™ was designed to achieve maximum reliability at an attractive price as an alternative to the more complex and expensive TITAN™ MOSFET. 

Transform your AEG by replacing the trigger contacts with a computerized controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, including a proximity trigger sensor which offers an incredible 250 sensitivity settings. The GATE ASTER™ offers a unique opportunity to gain a tactical advantage thanks to an extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions and even has its own specific CNC trigger, known as the GATE Quantum

The ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor, and the controller itself, even in case of reverse battery connection. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes the ASTER™ the most durable drop-in unit on the market. You choose how to configure the ASTER™ simply via the trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link* and GATE's GCS (GATE Control Station) App. 

As with other ETU/MOSFET systems, you will need a certain amount of expertise to properly install the ASTER™ without damaging its delicate optical sensors. We recommend consulting a tech unless you are very confident you can install the ASTER™ properly as we cannot offer returns on parts damaged during installation.


  • Compatible with version 2 gearboxes - Expertise required for installation
  • Improves electrical efficiency - Higher rate of fire and faster trigger response
  • Provides 250 trigger sensitivity adjustment settings - From hair-trigger to realistic full pull 
  • Configure its main settings simply via the trigger or through the GATE Control Station App for AndroidWindows and macOS (also for iOS with GATE Blu-Link Bluetooth® dongle)
  • Built-in RGB led provides visual cues to make programming easier
  • The optical gear cam sensor supports all types of gears: Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG, 19-tooth, and standard
  • Binary trigger/Burst mode option as a basic function - Great for improving hit probability against moving targets
  • Compatible with the GATE Quantum™ CNC Trigger (firmware version 3.1-03 or later) - 470 trigger sensitivity settings!

Package Includes

  • GATE ASTER V2 Basic Module; Rear Wired



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