GATE EON CNC Aluminium V2 Gearbox Shell

  • CNC 7075 Aluminium construction
  • Gate Advanced gearbox - designed for TITAN, ASTER and EON
  • Probably the best gearbox shell we have ever seen!

If you are looking for a high end gearbox shell to start your ultimate AEG build, stop looking, you found the best there is! The Gate EON gearbox shell is CNC machined from 7075 aluminium for a strong and lightweight gearbox with a plethora of small enhancements that make this gearbox a dream to put together.

The cylinder window is radiused on all corners and the shell has some significant reinforcements at the front end, and along the top spine. The internal wire routing has been redesigned for ease of installation, and the shell is perforated with several inspection windows so you can set your angle of engagement, adjust your pre-cocking settings and shim your gears perfectly. Is this the ultimate Airsoft gearbox? Well, it will be, once you've built it!

Full description


Gate's EON gearbox shell is probably the best Version 2 gearbox shell on the market at the moment, boasting robust yet lightweight 7075 Aluminium construction and a considerate redesign of the old V2 to ensure it is able to handle the kind of performance the modern Airsofter expects.

The EON shell is heavily reinforced at the front end, boasting the largest cross section on the market at this critical known failure point in the version 2 original design. The top spine has also been reinforced, and this, paired with its 7075 aluminium construction means we can almost guarantee that even the most ambitious performance-seeking Airsofter will struggle to break this gearbox shell.

Being designed specifically for the Gate TITAN, ASTER and EON ETUs, the shell is already ready to take any of these fantastic MOSFETs with no additional modifications required. The bearing holes are cut at 8mm, meaning you can install either 8mm bearings or 8mm bushings and benefit from reduced friction and smoother running than with other gearbox shells running smaller bushings. The internal wire routing has also been significantly improved, and there is no longer the risk of your pinion gear catching the wiring and ruining all your hard work.

On the outside, the EON has several holes which aren't normally present on a V2 gearbox. There is a long port under the piston track on the left side which can be used to keep track of your pre-cocking settings and inspect your piston for damage. At the bottom of the shell, where the pistol grip mounts we can see a window to allow for perfect motor height adjustment and flawless meshing of the pinion and bevel gears. No more horrid grinding when you first install your motor!

On the right side, each gear has its own inspection window to make it far easier to shim and get a perfect fit with reduced friction. Below the piston track on the right we have another window, this time to allow you to correct the angle of engagement of your piston with the sector gear and allow your setup to handle extreme rates of fire without risking piston damage. All of these windows are helpfully labelled with laser engraving.

At the rear of the gearbox shell, we can see it is cut for a quick change spring guide, and a steel ball bearing equipped spring guide is included with the shell itself. It cannot be overstated how much easier a quick change gearbox is to build than a standard, and we are very happy about this feature, basic though it may seem along side the more advanced aspects of the EON shell design. Having ball bearings on the spring guide base will further reduce stress on the guide itself, and reduce friction for more effective delivery of power from the spring to your projectile. If you ever lose your spring guide or want to replace it, the EON shell is reportedly compatible with Specna Arms ESA-2 style spring guides.

So, if you are building a gearbox from scratch but are put off by the fiddly nature of the whole affair, Gate just made things a lot easier! And for those performance seekers building a DMR or DSG setup, you won't find a stronger and more capable gearbox shell on the market today!


  • CNC 7075 Aluminium construction
  • Considerable reinforcements - Ideal for high performance
  • Redesigned internal wire routing for ease of installation
  • Compatible with 8mm bearings/bushings
  • Enlarged cylinder window radiuses - Minimised stress on the front of the gearbox
  • Quick change spring system - Compatible with Specna Arms ESA-2 system
  • Steel ball bearing spring guide included - Quick release via flat head screwdriver
  • Easy shimming thanks to inspection windows for each gear
  • Inspection window for pre-cocking adjustment and piston inspection
  • Inspection window for AOE adjustment - Super convenient
  • Designed for Gate ASTER, TITAN and EON ETUs
  • Inspection window for pinion gear meshing
  • Compatible with VFC dual selectors
  • Compatible with standard V2 gearbox internals
  • Available in Silver or Titanium Grey
  • It actually looks really nice, even outside the gun!
  • This gearbox almost builds itself!

Package Includes

  • Gate EON CNC Aluminium V2 Gearbox Shell
  • Gate Steel Ball Bearing Quick Change Spring Guide
  • Screws
  • Quick start guide



Parts & Accessories Type
Internal Parts
Internal Part Type
Gearbox Shell
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Parts Fitting

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.135kg
Product Height
Approx. 10cm
Product Length
Approx. 16.3cm
Product Width
Approx. 2.5cm


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Silver, Titanium Grey,
Construction Icon
CNC Machined 7075 Aluminium with steel screws.
Internal Part Construction
Steel, 7075 Aluminium,

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
  • AR
  • M4 / AR-15 / M16
  • Submachine Gun
  • G3
  • Assault Rifle
  • SMG-5
Package Includes
  • Shell
  • Screws

Electric Part Specific

Gearbox Icon
Gearbox Version
V2 Gearbox
Gearbox Version Compatibility Variant
Version 2

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