Gate NanoASR 3rd Gen Advanced Solid State Relay Mosfet

Code: NASR
  • 3rd Generation Mosfets
  • Trigger Protecting MOSFET
  • Multifunctional AEG Controller

Generation 3 Micro Computer Controller Chip Set designed to add a huge variety of functionality to Airsoft AEG. The chip is built to be as compact as possible, requiring the smallest amount space possible, and is specially coated to the Military Specification (Mil-Spec) MIL-V-173C.

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The in-built MOSFET is designed to achieve a higher rate of fire and trigger response, as well as protects the mechanical trigger contacts by directly bypassing the contacts and going straight to the motor. The system also provides protection from contact bounce, providing a higher ROF, a better trigger response and making the unit less prone to heating. This LiPo can has a working range of 3v to 17v, making it ready for 14.8v LiPo Batteries. The body of the unit is coated to the Mil-Spec variation MIL-V-173c, making it resistant to atmospheric conditions. The package comes with everything you need to connect up the unit, with spare wires for different trigger setups. This is perfect for those Airsoft Players who want the absolute best out of their weapon, adding a multitude of features which improve game play and performance.

  • Battery Support: Up to 14.8v LiPo
  • Operating Ranges: 3v - 17v
  • User Guide: nanoASR-en.pdf


  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Multifunctional AEG Controller
  • 3rd Generation Mosfets
  • Trigger Protecting MOSFET
  • Debouncing to prevent contact bounce
  • Smaller and more compact than over units on the market
  • 14.8v LiPo Ready
  • Mil-Spec MIL-V-173C Coated
  • Increases the ROF of your AEG
  • Provides a better Trigger Response
  • Heat-up Resistant Unit
  • Increase the service life of batteries
  • Protects Jammed Rifles from further damage
  • Protected from Overheating, Overloading and Short-Circuiting
  • Kit comes with all required parts

Package Includes:

  • NanoASR 3rd Gen Advanced Solid State Relay Mosfet
  • Deans Connector Male x1
  • Deans Connector Female x1
  • Single Signal Wire for Trigger Contacts x1
  • Double Signal Wire for Trigger Contacts x1

Special Instructions:

Should you need any help installing the MOSFET please feel free to call our workshop on: 01484 644709.

Please note that the warranty covers the unit from defects, not improper installation. Please read all user guides before installing.

Please remember when installing the device to ensure your AEG is clear before use,

Ensure that when wiring up the device the Positive and Negative battery terminals are the correct way around as this will cause immediate damage to the unit.

For warranty related issues please visit:

Version Comparisons:

GATE Mosfet comparison chart



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Mil-Spec MIL-V-173C Coated

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Most Airsoft AEG

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Parts Fitting

Upgrades and Downgrades should only be undertaken by experienced players, or Airsoft Technicians. Please note, changing any internal parts of a weapon voids its warranty unless done in-house by our staff. 

Please ensure that when fitting parts the part purchased is the correct part, as once a part has been fitted we cannot accept return.

We do know that players love to tinker, so we're here to give you help should you require it, and if needed you can get in touch with our workshop for more help!

Unique Parts

Please note that some parts may be unique to a specific brand of weapon. For example: Parts for an ASG M4A1 may not fit an ICS M4A1.

Parts from the same brand typically have a high chance of fitting, though be warned, some replicas use unique parts, so please ensure the part will fit before you attempt to fit it.

If you require help with fitting any parts feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.