GATE Quantum CNC Aluminium Trigger For M4/AR15 AEG

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  • CNC 7075 Aluminium construction
  • For M4/AR15 AEG with Gate ASTER V2
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity - 470 sensitivity levels

If you are building yourself a tech-filled, Gate ASTER V2 equipped M4 AEG then an interesting trigger is a great way to add some discrete external flair to your custom build to give onlookers a slight hint at what's inside. The Quantum Trigger from Gate is interesting in many more ways than one!

The Quantum trigger is available in 4 different shapes, all of which are CNC machined from aluminium, giving them a flawless appearance and a strong, flex-free structure. The colour options are almost endless, giving you the choice of some eye-catching metallics or dull and discrete tactical colours to suit any build, from DMR to speedsoft BB hose. The Quantum trigger becomes all the more impressive in its functional qualities; pairing it with the Gate ASTER V2 allows the trigger sensitivity to be adjusted to 470 different settings with over 60 settings just for the first millimetre of movement. Our jaw is still hanging open!

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The Gate Quantum trigger is a serious advance for Airsoft AEG triggers, which before this point were for the most part just inanimate chunks of alloy. Gates Quantum is constructed from CNC machined aluminium, and offers the functionality you may want, but simply cannot get from other triggers on the market.

The Quantum trigger is only compatible with M4/AR15 AEGs with the Gate ASTER V2 installed, and this leads us on perfectly to its best feature. Paired with the optical sensor inside the ASTER V2, the Quantum allows for trigger sensitivity adjustment, meaning you can tune the trigger break point to exactly how you like it, whether you want full travel for realism or you want to simply sneeze in the direction of your AEG and have it shoot.

Adjustable triggers aren't new, but what is new is the way the Quantum does it. On the top of the Quantum trigger there is an additional tab which is designed to interact with the ASTER V2's optical sensors, instead of the usual grub screw mechanical adjustment offered by other adjustable triggers. This means you have the option of 470 different trigger sensitivity settings which can be controlled through the ASTER V2 as long as you have firmware version 3.1-03 or later.

Quantum Trigger 1A1

The 1A1 version of the Quantum trigger is a smooth-faced flat trigger with a slight forward angle and a wide trigger blade. This gives you the speed benefits of a flat trigger while keeping your finger firmly in place, avoiding slipping off while you slap away to keep the enemy at bay!

Quantum Trigger 1B1

The 1B1 has a gentle curve to it but is very close to a flat trigger. The edges also have stylish weight-reducing cuts machined in to keep the trigger light and give it a custom look. The front face is smooth but has bevelled edges which keeps things comfortable when rapid firing by removing "hot spots" which may cause discomfort over long durations.

Quantum Trigger 1C1

1C1 is a curved trigger with a similar curve angle to a standard M4/AR15 "mil-spec" trigger. Where this trigger differs is in its tapered design and serrated rear face. The trigger tapers slightly towards the tip and has bevelled edges, making for a comfortable trigger for those whose finger doesn't live there (for those people, 1A1 would be the best choice!). The serrated rear face gives this trigger an aggressive look which is sure to garner attention on the field.

Quantum Trigger 1E1

1E1 is for those boring people who just want a trigger that looks like the original but with the Quantum functionality. This is the right trigger for a Milsim build if you want a few more sensitivity options (470 - just a few). It doesn't have to be boring though, as the 1E1 still comes in a plethora of anodised colour finishes, so if you want your build to stand out it still can with the mil-spec style 1E1!


  • CNC 7075 Aluminium construction
  • 4 Styles available in several colour options
  • Anodised finish - Eye-catching, vibrant colours
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity - 470 different options
  • Compatible with Gate ASTER V2 equipped M4/AR15 AEG only

Package Includes

  • Gate Quantum CNC Aluminium Trigger For M4/AR15 AEG



Parts & Accessories Type
Internal Parts
Internal Part Type
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Parts Fitting
Name Variant
1A1, 1E1, 1B1, 1C1,

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.009kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Black, Silver, Grey , Red, Blue, Flat Dark Earth, Yellow, Matt Black,
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CNC Machined aluminium
Internal Part Construction

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
  • AR
  • Assault Rifle

Electric Part Specific

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Gearbox Version
V2 Gearbox
Gearbox Version Compatibility Variant
Version 2 M4/AR15 gearbox with Gate Aster V2 only

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