GATE TITAN™ MOSFET V2; Expert Firmware

  • Advanced MOSFET/ETU system
  • Expert firmware included
  • Compatible with Version 2 gearboxes

If you want to transform your version 2 gearbox-equipped AEG into a true "smart gun", the Gate TITAN™ MOSFET V2; Expert Firmware will do exactly that. This advanced MOSFET/ETU system replaces the copper trigger contact inside the version 2 gearbox with optical sensors, eliminating the need for a cut-off lever, extending the lifespan of your AEG and offering unprecedented trigger sensitivity, fire mode and cycle control adjustment options. 

The latest version of the TITAN™ V2 includes the Expert Firmware, meaning you have immediate access to the most advanced programming functions of the TITAN™ without needing to pay more to update the firmware. With the Gate USB-Link or Blulink, you can set your pre-cocking level for a speedy trigger response, adjust your trigger sensitivity, tune active braking and adjust the rate of fire for a truly custom setup that suits your playstyle perfectly. The usual programmable MOSFET functions of other ETUs are also present, including burst mode, binary trigger, semi-auto-only, ramping semi-auto, dual-stage trigger and sniper delay. 

If you have an AEG mega-build on your mind using a version 2 gearbox, add the Gate TITAN™ MOSFET V2; Expert Firmware to your parts list to take it to the next level!

Full description


The Gate TITAN™ MOSFET is a complete trigger set replacement, with optical sensors instead of mechanical switches, high-end software and sensor-based sector gear detection, allowing some of the fastest and most efficient AEG builds imaginable. 

This, the latest TITAN™ variant comes with the Expert Firmware pre-installed, meaning you have access to all the TITAN's advanced functions straight out of the box. These include trigger sensitivity adjustment, adjustable pre-cocking, rate of fire adjustment, adjustable active braking and much, much more!

The board is specially coated with Mil-Spec MIL-V-173C Varnish, making it moisture and fungus-resistant, and supports batteries in the range of 3V up to 17V, making it great for Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, Li-Po, and Li-Fe Batteries and is compatible with most version 2 gearboxes on the market with no modification. 

The TITAN™ board itself is built in the EU by Gate Electronics and comes with a 12 12-month manufacturer warranty for defects. The TITAN™ stands out from the crowd due to its use of an optical sensor-controlled system rather than a mechanical one, with eight onboard optical sensors tracking the movement of the trigger, gears, piston and fire selector. 

The board boasts a huge array of features, with the most impressive being the auto-adjusting pre-cocking and braking system, using the on-board sensors to detect the position of the gearbox's gear teeth, allowing the system to get a perfect result with almost no configuration. 

The TITAN™, once installed, is capable of very fast repeated semi-shots, with gearbox protection ignoring the trigger pull if the rifle is not ready, allowing for faster, more consistent shots compared to other units. 

Once installed the MOSFET can be re-programmed via the USB-Link to a Windows-based PC or using the Blulink via a Bluetooth-compatible device, allowing the firmware to be updated, and troubleshooting to be carried out in case your platform develops a fault. What's important to highlight with the TITAN™, is that its strength lies not just in its list of features, but also in how well they have been implemented.


  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty
  • Complete trigger set replacement kit
  • Designed for highly efficient AEG builds
  • Suitable for stock AEGs and upgraded AEGs
  • Great for DMR and standard FPS setups
  • Re-programmable with Gate USB Link or Gate Blulink 
  • Optical sensor controlled - No mechanical contacts
  • Eight Optical Sensors
    • 1 Gear Sensor
    • 3 Selector Sensors
    • 5 Trigger Sensors
  • Replaces the Cut-off Lever
  • Compatible with most V2 Gearbox on the market without Modification
  • Auto-Adjusting Pre-cocking / Braking system
  • Works with Dual Sector Gear and Short Stroked Gears
  • Detects up to 6 Trigger Positions for the Fine Tuning of the Trigger Breakpoint
  • MILSPEC Board coating - Robust coating, prevents corrosion
  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity - From a hair trigger to a realistic full trigger pill
  • Adjustable Pre-cocking Boost - Super fast response in semi-automatic
  • Adjustable Fire-Selector Mode - Loads of options!
  • Adjustable Burst Mode - Improves hit probability when engaging moving targets
  • Adjustable Rate of Fire - Great for maintaining realistic rate of fire
  • Two-Stage Trigger Mode, Possible for Semi / Full Auto without using a Fire Selector
  • Sniper Delay Modes - Tune your AEG up and use it as a sniper rifle!
  • Run-away motor 30 rounds limit mode
  • Protection for the TITAN unit against over current, under current, and overheating 
  • Low Battery Warning - Stops you damaging your battery or getting caught off guard
  • Over-discharge battery protection
  • Configurable Fire Selector
    • Safe - Semi - Auto
    • Safe - Semi - Semi
    • Safe - Semi - Burst
    • Safe - Burst - Auto
    • Safe - Semi - Burst / Auto (Short Press - Burst, Long Press - Auto)
    • Semi - Burst - Auto (Safe Mode via fast switch Safe - Semi - Safe)
  • Kit comes with required parts for fitting (Please see Special Instructions)
  • Deans connector type - Pre-wired
  • Protection for Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe batteries
  • Optical sensor test mode for easier installation
  • Updateable firmware via USB-Link on a Windows / MAC PC
  • Statistics and additional settings are accessible using a USB-Link or Blulink with the GATE Control Station app
  • Can be diagnosed for errors using the USB-Link or Blulink
    • UVP1 – your battery is discharged
    • UVP2 – the voltage is lower than 3.8V
    • OCP1 – over current protection
    • OCP2 – the motor power supply circuit is shorted
    • OTP – the drop-in module temperature is too high
    • MOTOR DISC – you pulled the trigger but the motor did not move
  • Smart fuse system - Prevents power surges and wiring damage

Package Includes

  • Gate TITAN™ MOSFET V2; Expert Firmware
  • Quick start Guides
    • 'Titan Drop-In Module'
  • Installation Kit
    • Replacement Female Deans Connector Kit
    • Screw and Shim Set x2
    • Selector Plate Sticker Kit

Special Instructions

Should you need any help installing the TITAN™ MOSFET please feel free to contact us

Please note that the warranty covers the unit from defects, not improper installation. Please read all user guides before installing, for more information please see the supplied Warranty Card.

Please remember when installing the device to ensure your AEG is clear before use.

Ensure that when wiring up the device the Positive and Negative battery terminals are the correct way around as this will cause immediate damage to the unit.

Please note, that battery protection is not compatible with Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd Battery

For warranty-related issues please visit:

The GATE Control Station Software can be downloaded at the following links:

Installation Video


Configurable Fire Select

Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment

Hair Trigger Function



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  • Submachine Gun
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  • AR-9
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Please ensure that when fitting parts the part purchased is the correct part, as once a part has been fitted we cannot accept return.

We do know that players love to tinker, so we're here to give you help should you require it, and if needed you can get in touch with our workshop for more help!

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