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  • Approx. 2800 BBs
  • ±0.005mm Tolerance
  • Standard White 0.25g BB

If extreme precision is what you're after when building your Airsoft gun then why not get a BB which matches the quality of your rifle? The Xtreme Precision® range of BBs have been developed by Evolution Airsoft in Italy to conform to some of the highest tolerances on the market, leading to an extremely stable, precision BB. Heavily tested during production these BBs have passed multiple certifications and tests to ensure you're getting your hand on the highest quality product you can get, with no room for error. These BBs are great for both standard and extreme tight bore barrels, featuring some of the highest size tolerances on the market.

These BBs are perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking to get the absolute peak of performance out of their replica, whether it be an Electric AEG, HPA or a Gas Gun.

  • 1KG Resealable bag
  • Approx. 3333 BBs
  • 0.30g - Ideal for DMRs & upgraded HOP-ups

If you've upgraded your LMG for long range, Evolution's 0.30g Target BB; 1kg Bag will give you the right weight for an economical rate! These BBs are standard polymer BBs weighing in at 0.3g, ideal for guns with upgraded HOP-up parts and especially suitable for those who shoot a lot or LMG gunners given their affordable price point. 

Supplied in a resealable bag containing approximately 3333 BBs, this is the BB to go for if you need a heavy weight to penetrate foliage or make the most of your upgraded setup without breaking the bank. If you need to fill a drum mag with heavy BBs on the cheap, the Evolution 0.30g Target BB; 1kg Bag will be an asset!

  • 1KG Resealable bag
  • 4347 BBs approximately
  • 0.23g - Great for any scenario

If you're looking for the happy middle ground between 0.2g BBs and 0.25, you just found it! The Evolution 0.23g Target BB; 1kg Bag contains approximately 4347 0.23g BBs, giving you plenty of trigger time for an affordable price. Weighing in at 0.23g per 6mm projectile, these BBs sit right in between 0.2g and 0.25g BBs, giving you an option if you find your BBs drop short with 0.25g but have more to give when shooting 0.2g. 

Supplied in a resealable bag containing approximately 3333 BBs, Evolution's 0.23g Target BBs are great for CQB use in any platform and perfectly suitable for standard AEGs, GBB pistols and shotguns when shooting outdoors. Whether you're plinking cans in the garden or sending a burst at the OPFOR, these BBs will see you ready for it!

About Evolution Airsoft

Evolution Airsoft is an Italian Airsoft brand which specialises in lightweight performance oriented AEG replicas of famous assault rifle designs such as the M4/AR-15, AK-47/74 and AR36 as well as full metal GBB pistols & sniper rifles. 

Not content with providing some of the most cutting edge platforms on the market, Evolution also offer a range of hard rifle cases and gun bags to securely transport your kit to and from the skirmish site and can keep you locked and loaded with Airsoft magazines and high-grade BBs, keeping you covered throughout your skirmishing adventure. If you are interested in reading a bit more about Evolution, you can check out our brand showcase blog here!

With replicas zeroed in on in game performance, and hefty, realistic options from their "Hard Core" range, no matter the type of skirmisher you are you will find something to enjoy amongst Evolution's superb replicas!