Airsoft Basics: What is Green Gas?

Airsoft Basics: What is Green Gas?

What is Green Gas?

Generally speaking, the term "Green Gas" refers to medium-power Airsoft gas which is intended for GBB pistols with a metal slide. Green gas is usually formulated with around 90% propane and between 8 and 10 % butane, with silicone lubricant making up the remainder. 

Airsoft gas types are often referred to by a colour system, though this is entirely unofficial Airsofter slang. Each colour in the colour system denotes a different power bracket and often also a different use.

White gas is also known as blue gas, and is the lowest power gas on the market, being ideally suited to GBB pistols with polymer slides, and for use in the high temperatures of summer. This gas is also often referred to as "summer gas", and its lower pressure helps prevent damage from occurring during regular use in temperatures above 20°C.

Green Gas is the middle power level and is usually recommended for metal slide pistols and for pistols with polymer slides during the colder winter months. Green gas can be used for most of the year and performs well, and although performance may fall during colder weather, this is the gas most Airsofters choose to power their pistols with. 

Red gas is slightly more powerful than green gas and is intended for use with gas blowback rifles and SMGs, and pistols with a metal slide during winter skirmishes. Red gas is a good call for low temperatures, and can allow your pistol to carry on shooting in relatively cold weather with decent accuracy and range, but should be avoided during summer as its high pressure may cause damage. 

Black gas is the most powerful of the bunch and is designed for GBBRs and GBB pistols with heavy steel slides and bolt carriers. This gas is also often used in gas-powered sniper rifles and other high power applications. Use of this gas in a standard pistol will almost definitely cause premature failure, and during summer black gas will cause most Airsoft guns to fail chronograph due to the FPS being above site limits. 

All of these Airsoft gasses are based on a formula with a majority of Propane with various additives and often a silicone lubricant which will feed through your gun as you fire it and keep the internal seals and o-rings fresh. 

Green Gas Types

VORSK V6/V8/V12 Series

NUPROL 1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0 Gas Series

ASG Ultrair

Abbey Gas Series - 144a Summer Gas / 144a Maintenance Gas / Predator Ultra Gas

So, now you know a bit more about Green gas you should be in a good position to decide what gas is right for your Airsoft gun and what time of the year it is suitable for. 

If you're looking for more specific info on how each gas affects FPS, check out our guide on Green gasses wherein Stu carries out tests to see how the new VORSK gasses stack up against the rest. 

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