FMA Helmet Protective Pad Set MOD.A

Code: TB952
  • Velcro Sticky Back
  • Mix & Match Comfort
  • Square & Rectangular Pads

A set of Velcro-backed, soft foam pads for placing inside helmets, to ensure that the position of your helmet is both correct and comfortable. They pads can be used in combination with an existing set of pads, or can be used to replace old and missing pads. 

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There are nine pads included in this set, 6 rectangular pads, 2 large square pads and 1 large circular pad, to be placed at the tp of the helmet. Easy to stick on thanks to the included sticky back Velcro tabs, these pads can fill any void. You could even cut the pads to a specific shape if required, just be sure to glue down any loose ends to avoid them falling apart from use.


  • Space out and soften the impact of bangs between your head and inside face of your helmet
  • Mix and match different shapes for a perfectly comfortable fit
  • Alter the position of each pad in seconds with ease thanks to the included sticky back Velcro tabs
  • You could cut the pads into different shapes then glue down any frayed ends to prevent them falling apart from use
  • 1x large circular pad
  • 2x large square pads
  • 6x rectangular pads

Package Includes:

  • Helmet Protective Pad Set MOD.A
  • 9 x Sponge Panels
  • 9 x Sticky Backed Velcro Patches



Tactical Equipment Type
Helmet Accessory
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Over 18


Colour Wheel Greyscale
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9 individual foam pads with Velcro backing
Material Icon
  • Nylon
  • Velcro
  • Foam