G&G Armament BY-100436 - CM16 Stealth LMG - Depressed Ducko

G&G Armament
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  • Painted on scratches all over
  • Non functional
  • Ducko painted on the magazine well

This CM16 LMG was returned due to firing issues. The rifle is non functional, but would make a nice repair project for the technically inclined. The rifle has been painted to look like it is scratched, and there are real scratches too. There is also a small mural painted on the right side of the magazine well, depicting a "Depressed Ducko". The rifle does not function internally, and all we can say for certain is that the fuse is missing. The mock bolt carrier does not spring back into place, and there may be parts missing that we have not noticed. This is sold as spares or repairs, and would make a great project for someone who knows their way around AEG internals, and paint stripper! The box magazine provided in the box is untested and sold as non-functional. 

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Package Includes

  • G&G CM16 Stealth LMG AEG
  • Box Magazine (untested)
  • Bipod Grip
  • Dummy 5.56mm Cartridges on link



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Scratched, Painted, Non-Functional, Parts Missing, Mock bolt stuck, Fuse missing, Box magazine untested,
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