G&G Armament 50rnd Magazine for GTP9/SMC9 GBB Pistols

G&G Armament
Code: GG-MG-181
  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Huge Gas Reservoir
  • For G&G GTP9/SMC9

An Alloy constructed spare or replacement magazine for the G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol and SMC9 Gas Blowback Carbine. It holds a total of 50rnds and has a huge gas reservoir to ensure it can hold enough gas to perform throughout the entire magazine.

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This Gas Magazine is designed for the G&G Armament GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol, which means it also works in their newly released SMC9 GBB Carbine. It holds a total of 50rnds and is easily loaded using a Speedloader to force BBs through the Alloy Feedlips at the top of the mag. Use your thumb to hold down the follower to make it easier to insert BBs, but be careful not to release it suddenly so that it can impact on the top of the magazine, as this may cause damage. The follower can be locked in place at the bottom to make loading even easier; simply press on the follower to release it again. The gas is inserted via the Fill Valve on the bottom of the mag when it is inverted. The Baseplate is easily removable for easier access to the Fill Valve by inverting the magazine, pulling down on the release tab inside the BB channel and pulling the Baseplate off. If you own a GTP9 or SMC9 and want to spend more time in the field slaying it, and less time in the safe zone reloading magazines, then the GTP9/SMC9 50rnd Gas Magazine is the perfect purchase for you.


  • Gas Magazine
  • For G&G GTP9 / SMC9
  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Huge Gas Reservoir
  • Removable Baseplate
  • Alloy Feedlips
  • Green Gas Compatible
  • Carry More Ammunition
  • Seriously Solid Magazine
  • Faux Round Counter
  • Follower Can Be Locked

Package Includes

  • G&G Armament GTP9/SMC9 50rnd Gas Magazine



Parts & Accessories Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Alloy core and feed lips with Polymer baseplate
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.582kg

Magazine Specific

Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
Pistol Magazine
Weapon Platform
G&G GTP-9, G&G SMC-9,
Magazine Type
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 50 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader

Gas Magazine Specific

Magazine Gas Type
Green Gas
Magazine Gas Fill Location