HASTA NEBULA Tactical Mist Tracer Unit

  • Muzzle flash & mist generator
  • Fits 14mm CCW male threaded barrels
  • Realistic flash and muzzle gasses - Awesome!

If you love realism and will do anything to get closer to the real thing, the HASTA NEBULA Tactical Mist Tracer Unit belongs on your primary. The first of its kind in the world, this tracer unit not only provides muzzle flash, rainbow muzzle flash and tracer functionality but also provides realistic simulated muzzle gasses with each shot. With slick new functionality comes the need for intel, so make sure you thoroughly read the "Special Instructions" section of the full product description before ordering!

The mist generation function runs off a water-glycol solution, just like smoke machines used in film and TV production and the internal fan gently blows the simulated muzzle gas out of the front of the suppressor each time a BB passes through. Powered by an internal rechargeable LiPo battery and charged via Micro-USB, the NEBULA is a seriously groundbreaking piece of Airsoft technology and we are proud to be the first to offer it to Airsofters!

Full description

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The first of its kind in the world, the HASTA NEBULA Tactical Mist Tracer Unit is the ideal suppressor for realism fans, providing simulated muzzle flash, tracer functionality and simulated muzzle gasses with each shot. The NEBULA achieves this through an internal fan and miniature smoke generator which runs off a distilled water-based glycol solution, just like smoke machines used in theatre, movies and TV. If you are already convinced, make sure you read all of the details in the "Special Instructions" section below so you can safely run the NEBULA and enjoy the peak of realism!

The NEBULA mounts to any 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrel, meaning it should fit all but the most awkward AEGs on the market. If you are unsure of your platform's thread type, check the product description of your platform to confirm. The housing is constructed from aluminium with a thick polymer screen at the front to help resist potential BB impacts, protecting the L.E.D array inside from incoming fire. 

The activation switch of the NEBULA is located just ahead of the rear suppressor collar, taking the form of a long and slim switch made from clear polymer. Pushing the switch forward will turn the unit on and allow you to scroll through each mode with a combination of short and long presses (further details can be found below in "Special Instructions"). The available modes include muzzle flash in either realistic or rainbow colours, tracer-only mode for when you need to be discrete or a combination of tracer on with either of the two muzzle flash options. 

To activate and deactivate the mist generator you will need to remove the internals from the housing. Thankfully, this is super easy; simply unscrew the rear collar and slide the internals out. The switch is located at the front of the unit, just ahead of the battery connection ports. When the mist generator is active, the fluid reservoir must remain filled to some extent to avoid burning the wicks/coils inside. We also advise removing the fluid tank when the unit is not in use to avoid potential leaks. If you run out of fluid but still want to use the other functions of the NEBULA, flick the switch and you can do so without worry!

The only thing we have seen on the market that comes close to the NEBULA is the old PFI Smoke Cap Silencer; cool idea but fraught with compromises with proprietary smoke inserts. The NEBULA is far more convenient, running from standard water-glycol solution used in smoke machines, and adds muzzle flash into the mix for what is potentially the pinnacle of Airsoft realism. If you've seen GBBR users with muzzle flash tracers and want something even better that works on AEG or GBBR, the NEBULA is what you need!


  • The first of its kind - Generates realistic muzzle flash & simulated muzzle gas with each shot!
  • Read the "Special Instructions" section below thoroughly before use
  • Aluminium construction - Realistic but not too heavy (200g approx)
  • Fits 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrels - Compatible with most AEGs 
  • Protective front L.E.D array cover - Should resist BB impacts well 
  • Powered internal fan - Blows the muzzle mist out of the front of the suppressor
  • Internal rechargeable 3.7v 350mAh LiPo battery - Recharges via Micro-USB cable (included)
  • Memory function - When you turn it on, the NEBULA will remember your last used mode 
  • Always charge in a fire-safe area, preferably in a battery charging bag
  • When the Mist generator is turned on, ensure the tank is filled at all times
  • Do not fill with Vape Juice - This will damage the unit and is not covered by your warranty
  • Remove the fluid tank when the NEBULA is not in use - Failure to do so can result in leaks
  • Maximum rate of fire: 35 Rounds per second - Suitable for all but silly fast builds
  • The on/off switch for the Mist Generator is inside the shell - Unscrew the rear and remove the internals to access it
  • Filling instructions available here
  • Muzzle flash colours:
    • Rainbow mode - Muzzle flash in a mix of colours
    • Fire mode - Muzzle flash in realistic colours
  • Tracer modes:
    • Tracer & Muzzle flash - Tracer & muzzle flash on
    • Muzzle flash only - Tracer off
    • Tracer mode only - Muzzle flash off 

Package Includes

  • HASTA NEBULA Tactical Mist Tracer Unit
  • Micro-USB Charger cable
  • 25ml Mist generation fluid bottle x 2
  • Replacement fluid tank plugs x 2
  • User manual

Special Instructions

The mist generator function can be turned on or off via the switch inside the unit. To avoid burning the cotton wick/coil inside, the mist fluid tank needs to be filled while the mist generator is active. 

We advise that you remove the fluid tank from the NEBULA when it isn't in use. Failure to do so can result in the tank leaking. Leaking fluid is unlikely to damage the internals, though any damage caused by leaving the tank installed is not covered by your warranty. 

It is essential that the rubber bung sealing the tank is reinstalled following filling. Failure to do so can cause fluid to leak onto the internal circuit board and render the unit inoperable. Faults which arise from leaking fluid due to the bung not being re-installed are considered "User Errors" and NOT covered by your warranty. 

When screwing the NEBULA housing back into the internals it is important that you do not over-tighten. Overtightening can damage the threads and is considered a "User Error" and NOT covered by your warranty. 

The NEBULA uses a distilled water and glycol-based solution to generate simulated muzzle gasses. The use of fluid designed for Vapes will significantly shorten its working lifespan and is not covered by your warranty. If you need a refill, we recommend using Water-Glycol-based Smoke Machine fluid. Alternatively, we can provide refills at our Showroom in Huddersfield.

The supplied fluid is food-safe, but we do not recommend consuming it. Always keep your fluid safely out of reach of children.

The NEBULA will indicate its battery charge level via its L.E.D array. A flashing green light indicates the battery needs to be charged immediately. When connected with the charger cable, the L.E.D array should show a solid red light to indicate the battery is charging.

A solid green light from the L.E.D array indicates the battery is fully charged. It is very important that you disconnect the charger cable as soon as the solid green light shows. Failure to do so may damage the battery. As with any LiPo battery power source, we recommend using a Battery Charging Bag when charging the NEBULA and not leaving it unattended while charging.

Operating Instructions

To turn the NEBULA on, push the clear polymer activation button near the collar of the suppressor forward. When the unit first powers on, it will be set to muzzle flash and tracer mode.

Subsequent short presses on the activation button will scroll between muzzle flash modes. The available modes are "Fire" and "Rainbow", and each mode will be indicated with a quick flash of the front L.E.D array in the currently selected mode.

A long press on the activation button will scroll between tracer and flash mode, tracer-only mode and muzzle flash-only mode. This will be indicated with a quick flash of either the front L.E.D array, the internal UV L.E.D array or both.

  • A flash from the front L.E.D array and internal L.E.D array indicates muzzle flash and tracer mode. 
  • A flash from the front L.E.D array only indicates muzzle flash-only mode.
  • A flash from the internal UV L.E.D array only indicates tracer-only mode.

To turn the NEBULA off following use, simply press the clear polymer activation button 3 times in rapid succession. The blue L.E.D. should flash once, after which the unit will power down. 



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USB Cable
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Li-Po - Never Leave Charging Unattended
Li-Po - Charge in a Fire Safe Area
This Tracer Unit requires recharging before its first use and must be recharged every 2 months to maintain battery health.
The NEBULA's internal rechargeable battery must not be overcharged. When charging is complete, the L.E.D array will show a solid green light. The charging cable should be disconnected at this point to avoid potential failure.
HASTA NEBULA Tactical Mist Tracer Unit Advice


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