Invader Gear Flannel Combat Shirt

Invader Gear
  • Pockets for Padding
  • Tough & Comfortable
  • Ultimate Operators Shirt

Unleash your inner Operator! These Combat Airsoft Shirts were made with three priorities in order... They need to look awesome, be comfortable, and reliable enough to survive even the roughest use in the great outdoors. Even if not being used for Airsoft, they make great shirts for everyday use.

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The core of the Invader Gear Flannel Combat Airsoft Shirts is made with an 80/20% blend of Cotton and Polyester, making it soft, comfortable and most importantly: breathable! It also means that it has a certain amount of 'stretch' to prevent tearing. The soft material means that there should be no issue wearing it without an underlayer. The arms are made from 100% Cotton with a Flannel pattern, and feature easily roll-able Cuffs, Pouches to insert Padding/Soft Body Armour (looking at you, Speedsofters), as well as Velcro Arm Pockets and a Pen/Cyalume Pouch. With an wide range of colours available, there's a flavour for everyone with the Invade Gear Flannel Combat Shirts.


  • Airsoft Combat Shirt
  • Flannel Pattern Arms
  • Padding/Armour Pouches
  • 80/20% Cotton/Polyester
  • 100% Cotton Arms
  • Soft and Breathable Core
  • Stretchy Material
  • Velcro Arm Pockets
  • Velcro For Patches
  • Pen/Cyalume Arm Pouch
  • Pre-Rolled Cuffs
  • Velcro Cuff Tensioners
  • Single YKK Zipper
  • Excellent Stitching
  • Great for Every Day Use

Package Includes

  • Invader Gear Flannel Combat Shirt



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Cotton, Polyester, Flannel,

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